Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Venus in the signs Libra to Pisces

After yesterdays musings I think it is only proper to follow up with Venus in the signs; Libra through to Pisces.

I have been in a funny old mood today, actually there has been nothing funny about it! I would actually say I have been in a downright scary mood and searching as I have been for an astrological explanation for this I may just have to put it down to good old fashioned women's things! If you missed Venus in the signs; Aries to Virgo you may want to check it out, my PMS wasn't as bad yesterday and it was written with considerably less venom and vitriol!

Libra is a funny old sign, I say this because despite having a reputation for being incredibly charming, urbane and refined both my mother and father are Librans and I will share a couple of brief Libran anecdotes about them with you.

My mother affects a rather posh accent despite being from Herefordshire, and she does get very upset at my blue and un-lady like language (to quote an ex boyfriend I have "a mouth like a builders arse."), however, I was watching one of the Lord of the Rings films with her when she piped up and said "whenever I see The Eye of Sauran it reminds me of a giant fiery vag", excuse me while I wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes. I still find this absolutely hysterical when I think of my mother, a white haired old lady who bakes muffins and cakes uttering such filth! What makes this even funnier is the fact that it is true.

Then there is my father who is one of the most tactless and impatient people that I know, once he was in his local supermarket and was in a rush, he actually told someone to get the f**k out of his way! This obviously is the shadow side and lest we forget that Libra is a cardinal sign who are go getters whatever many books on astrology would have you believe, they do have quite a nasty temper I have found, and this is not just my parents.

Venus in Libra is at home in this sign as she rules Libra in addition to Taurus. What I will say about this placement is that Venus loves beautiful things, cannot stand mess and will not tolerate unfairness. For all the potential fussiness (and I would say this trait can be worse here than Venus in Virgo) and being a little bit prissy and Venusian Libran is a charming, fun loving kind of person who has an inherent sense of justice. However, despite being born to a couple of Libran parents their objectivity can be baffling and frustrating at times.

Mysterious and sexy Venus in Scorpio, probably traditionally the most sizzling Venus placement, well let me tell you that these people are mere mortals like the rest of us and are not imbued with some sort of magical sex appeal although they would love us all to believe that. Granted these people can be very sexual creatures and I have had my fingers burnt more than once by a Scorpio man and after that I have vowed to stay away from them in matters of the heart! These people are passionate and possessive; the physical side will be great until you tire of the petty vindictiveness and predictability. However, if you want intensity look no further.

Sagittarius is a funny Venus sign, these people are great to go out and get drunk with, but don't leave them alone with your partner! These people could well have no morals, and what is more they don't care, as long as they're having fun they don't care, they may pretend that they feel bad for being so irresponsible and inconsiderate, but that's just lip service - if it helps grease the wheels. If that sounds mean I feel I am completely justified as I have my Moon in Sagittarius, I have a Sagittarian brother so I am all too painfully aware of the less savoury side of this sign. What I will say is that it is all part of the merry charm that is the Sagittarius experience, take them as you find them and enjoy having a bawdy laugh.

Venus in Capricorn is another funny one. Again, I find that traditional interpretations appear to have been written by someone from another planet. I know many people with Venus in Capricorn that are hard partying hedonists that could drink most people under the table. They are very cuddly warm people once you get past the icy and unapproachable veneer so don't be fooled. However, you will have to prove your worthiness, also I can say from an observers view point that these people are not always the most faithful companions, so if you have a feeling that they are eyeing up the nearest hottie and you don't think you can trust them you are probably correct! Dump them immediately.

Venus in Aquaruis, again, much as these people would like you to believe that they are futuristic eccentrics who are ahead of their time do not be fooled. There is a fine line between genius and madness and they are probably not interesting enough to fall in to either. They are stubborn and oddly enough have something of a Leonine diva-like quality about them. I don't know where Aquarius got their reputation for unpredictability from because the Aquarians I know are predictable and don't take kindly to change just like the other fixed signs Taurus, Leo and Scorpio. Now I have finished giving Aquarius a hard time I'd like to add that they are very loyal, interesting and independent folk who do have a good head on their shoulders and are generally up for the crack.

Last of all is Venus in Pisces. Now whoever said that Pisces was a rather meek sign has got the wrong end of the stick, I am a Pisces and boy can I go off with a crack, in fact, I am quite scary when I am in the wrong sort of mood (which I have been for most of today). However, Pisces is very martyrish and emotional; I thank my lucky stars that I have Venus in Aries to counteract some of these qualities! If you think your Venusian Piscean will be at your beck and call think again. This sign is the master of illusion and Piscean people are major flirts and they are devious too, some folk say that Gemini's are bad; however the fish is slippery and impossible to pin down.

Now that I have finished my hormone crazed cussing of Venus placements from Libra through to Pisces I will love you and leave you as I have to go and lift some weights. I am utilising a mars Jupiter conjunction in my natal chart to fuel a fitness plan so I can realise my true Leo Ascendant brilliance and soon I will be able to bask in the mirror in the glow of my own lovely buffness! I jest of course - I just like to keep active.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Venus in the signs Aries to Virgo

I'm afraid I have done myself a wrong-un and after a brief period of recovery this has prompted a brief guide to Venus in the signs. Where Venus (which is known as a personal planet) falls in the natives birth chart can be most revealing.

If you are wondering what kind of tenuous link this has with me doing myself a wrong-un I shall explain. I have been blighted with a serious illness since December last year that has affected my right kidney, and I have a had surgery and still have a stent in. This stent is about a foot long and runs from my kidney to my bladder and impedes movement and causes extreme discomfort in the event of heavy exercise.

I was going out running again last week, and I have to sheepishly admit that a large part of that had to do with the fact that my significant other has been going out cycling and is looking pretty buff. My Venus in Aries saw this as a challenge and started to get all competitive about this (and I have to admit that my Leo Ascendant got a little envious of his buffness and decided that it simply won't do to be looking flabby and out of shape compared to my man!). Ultra feminine, girly Venus is said to be in detriment in Aries which is the sign ruled by the warrior god Mars. Rather than doing the good girly thing of painting her nails and congratulating her man on his commitment to fitness Venus in Aries decided that anything a bloke can do, she can do better, regardless of the fact she is stuck with a foot long foreign body in her water works!

As a result of this I ended up going for a much longer run than normal on Friday, it was pouring with rain, and it turned out to be a bit of an adventure, running up muddy hills, being chased by dogs, getting lost - all good wholesome fun!

Unfortunately when I returned home I was a tad worse for wear! I was recounting the tale to my brother (a Sagittarian) who asked me if I had done a "rosy wee", the answer being yes. So I spent from Friday to Sunday munching painkillers and feeling pretty terrible.

On the good side, I called the hospital after I got back on Friday to rather angrily inform them of my "rosy wee" as I was pretty cross, especially at the fact that my boyfriend was going to getting fitter and buffer than me until I had the stent removed. This actually got the desired result; I got a call today to say that I can get that cursed piece of plastic removed next Tuesday. Venus in Aries - both a blessing and a curse.

So there you have it, a little story that illustrates the Venus in Aries experience. If you are in a relationship with someone (especially a lady) who has this placement and are silly enough to chuck the "it's not all about you" card at her; prepare to be met with a blank stare (what the hell are they talking about?) before she shrugs her shoulders and returns to the important task at hand. That's if you’re lucky, you could just as well be in for a fiery tirade of profanities, and take note of the fact that she will soon get bored of this sort of nonsense because Venus in Aries doesn't play games! Venus in Aries is passionate and becomes quickly inflamed with desire, unfortunately Venus in Aries gets bored just as quickly.

This brings me on to Venus in Taurus. Venus is at home in this sign, who she rules, Taurus loves all the deliciously Venusian goodies that Venus rules, food, wine, music, art and of course romance. Venus in Taurus is sensual and there is a solidity and physicality about these people, however, this fixed sign won't give up or let go and can prove to be rather possessive. If you are the solid earthy type yourself, or someone deep and emotional who is looking for a rock, Venus in Taurus is going to be good for you. Although these people can be rather materialistic, there is nothing superficial about them, they simply enjoy the good things in life.

If I believed everything that was written about Venus in Gemini or Gemini in general I would have got rid of my boyfriend for fear that he is a philandering, bisexual, schizoid! However, what I would say is this mutable sign does get bored pretty easily and has a fabulous sense of humour. If you are looking for emotional intensity go and find someone with a lot of Scorpio, Cancer or Taurus in their chart, these folk are too rational for that sort of thing and have to many other projects on the go to waste their time with all of that. Anyone with a lot of Gemini in their chart reminds me of a 5 year old child who is all excited and has drunk too much cola.

This brings me on to Venus in Cancer, these can be intensely emotional people who can be extremely caring, generous and could well be your dream lover. These sensitive souls can be deep and sexual, however, I will say that more detached types could end up feeling smothered by the strength of their emotions and these people should come with a warning so people know not to scorn them. Scorpio's have a bad reputation for the sting in their tail, however I would not like to play games with a Venus in Cancer person, in my experience this sign has the potential to be even more spine chillingly vengeful than a Scorp.

Venus in Leo; I actually feel bad about stating the obvious; that these people are lovely, fluffy, generous, steadfast people as long as you can put up with the ego, drama and conceit - yes they can be a bit of a diva. If I sound like I don't like Leo's that is not true, I had a great time with a Leo lad when I was younger and my oldest friend is a Leo who I love to bits. As long as you realise that it is really all about them and are fine with that, or you have enough Aries in your chart to not notice this because it is actually all about you, or enough Sagittarius or air signs in your chart to genuinely not care, you may feel a little overshadowed.

This brings me to my last instalment, Venus in Virgo. I often find that I read interpretations of the Sun or other planets in Virgo and if they were true I would keep away from these people because they are not very flattering. In fact I think Virgo's are an absolute hoot, these are a mutable sign, so expect a Venus in Virgo to be a bit of a nutter, there is an inherent restlessness to this sign that makes me chuckle inwardly. The best thing about this is that it is understated and executed with a beautifully dry wit, if you ever thought this sign was prudish think again, Venus in Virgo is full of surprises.

Anyhow, those are some random musings on Venus in Aries through to Virgo.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Planets in Gemini - Yay!

Venus is now in Gemini and Mars moved in to the sign of the twins on the 11th which I feel will be a great boost for people with their Natal Venus and Mars in fire or air signs.

After Mars has been plodding through Taurus in a slow and steady fashion it is a bit of a relief that he is finally more at home in the restless excitable Gemini. Taurus is, as you may or not know, ruled by Venus, the planet representing the feminine principal, I wonder if this may have had an emasculating effect on the God of War (Mars), who is now probably glad to be getting his freak on and moving freely once again.

You can see how this Mars transit may affect you by having a look at your natal chart (birth chart) and good free charts can be obtained from Astrodienst and the Venus Group and you will be able to see what house Mars is in at this present time. I will take the liberty of giving you all a quick breakdown of how Mars may shake up different areas of your life depending on what house he is now moving through. Bear in mind that Mars is a positive, masculine Yang energy and he will assert himself in such a manner.
  1. In the first house this is the house of yourself, associated with the sign of Aries. The Martian energy will manifest in all areas that revolve around you! This is all very much in keeping with the red planet who is extremely happy as he rules this house and of course the sign of Aries - happy days!
  2. In the second the focus will be on material possessions values and all things Taurean, you could find that you have a particularly strong drive to succeed or maybe spend money. The Martian energy will permeate your desire to acquire material security, possessions, but it could also manifest as rashness in this area, so keep that in check.
  3. The third rules communication and is probably my favouite house (I have Pluto here in my natal chart), short journeys and siblings as it is the house we associate with Gemini the twins. This will no doubt give your mental faculties a real boost and you could find yourself busy flitting here and there on various errands and little jollies.
  4. The fourth is the house of home and roots and this is linked to the sign of Cancer. When Mars has been transiting my fourth house I have found that I have been busier than usual at home, receiving guests (with Mars in Gemini at the moment this could be the most likely outcome) and more house proud than usual putting more energy in to organising my surroundings.
  5. This is one of my favourite houses as it is the house of all the nice things such as creativity, kids, parties, romance, it is the house of all things Leonine, need I say more. What I will say is lucky you; you're in for a good time, and quite possibly a bit of a sexy time too!
  6. When Mars is transiting the sixth house, all matters of a Virgoan nature are given the Martian treatment; the sixth house is concerned with day to day activities, health and diet, work and oddly enough pets. If you have been letting yourself go somewhat this is a great time to start exercising, improve your diet and be more organised and efficient, you will have the Martian energy working for you in these areas.
  7. This house is the house of relationships and is associated with the air sign Libra, as Mars rules sex it could mean that things get a little steamy, and that is obviously great for most of us. It will bring the intense focus of Mars to close relationships and partnerships, but this can also signify tension and conflict as you might expect with the planet in question being Mars.
  8. Moving on to House number eight and all things of a Scorpionic nature; this is the house of sex, transformation, death and joint finances. Mars is having a good time here, as he rules Scorpio, so he is feeling pretty comfortable. You may also find the Martian energies compel you to investigate hidden or occult matters in true Scorpio style, others people's money may also be brought to your attention. You could see the end of an old cycle in your life and the beginning of a new one.
  9. And that brings us to house nine, another personal favourite, and things of a Sagittarian nature such as travelling, studying, adventure, meeting new and interesting people, religion and philosophy. The Martian energy may give you itchy feet and thoughts may turn to those of adventure, if you have been stuck in a rut and jaded of late take advantage of this period in time to broaden your horizons.
  10. The tenth house is associated with Capricorn and rules your career, ambition and drive to succeed, Mars is exalted in this house, make the most of these energies to help you achieve your worldly goals, you know you deserve this and Mars will lend his energy in all matters of business and self promotion. You may find abrasive situations with people in authority, but that's only because you know you deserve better than to be bossed around by that joker!
  11. Yet another one of my favourite houses, the eleventh is a house with an Aquarian nature and any sort of group efforts or co-operation is likely to become energised with the Martian get up and go. This will be great if you have networking to do and this is also the house that is traditionally associated with gifts from the king, so this is all good as far as I'm concerned. Embrace the feeling of humanitarianism and just go with it.
  12. This mysterious house is the house of the unconscious, private and hidden things and it is also a house that is associated with all things Piscean. Traditionally this is also the house of secret enemies, and with Mars transiting this could get quite interesting, however, last time I had Mars transiting my Twelfth house there was no cloak and daggers type tomfoolery going on. I found instead that the Martian energy was channeled in to an examination of matters that I usually force to the back of my mind where they fester and end up causing seemingly unrelated problems. The confrontational Martian energy helped me examine this and start dealing with things in a different way.

Anyhow, Even more interesting is the Uranus and Saturn opposition that is going on right now, although that deserves another post all of its own which no doubt will arrive shortly. Another forthcoming noteworthy event will be the Mars and Uranus square lasting from the 11th to the 26th August - things could get a little interesting, more tales from Uranus.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Moon in Sagittarius

I am very sore and tired today after going for my first run in about 3 months. I have had health problems and now I am thankfully on the road to recovery and my Sagittarian Moon has grown extremely restless and bored of a sedentary lifestyle.

Think about one of the worst punishments you can imagine, that's how I feel when I am cooped up indoors, and unable to move freely and stretch my legs! In addition to a rather changeable Piscean Sun I am blessed with a Saggie Moon that nags me to get out, move about and enjoy being physical.

Being lucky enough to move to somewhere as beautiful as the Forest of Dean; looking forward (another Sagittarian trait) to going running in the forest has been one of the main things that has got me through dark times while I have been ill, and today I got out and ran through the trees in the rain and thought about how great it was to be blessed with a healthy, functioning body. I have always liked to run outside, I consider this a form of meditation and a way of raising my energy and chi if you like. It is also a way of putting energy back in to the Earth and showing my appreciation and thanks for the many gifts of Mother Nature.

What better for a Sagittarian passtime than the freedom of running through a beautiful wild place feeling the power of nature and my own physical being?

While I do have to admit that I get a certain shallow satisfaction from looking buff and bearing a passing resemblance to Lara Croft or Xena the Warrior Princess (well, I do have Leo on the Ascendant!), I also enjoy feeling fit and powerful.

I began training a couple of weeks ago for when I am fully recovered, so I can start kickboxing again, today was my first run, and I am tired, sore and hungry, I am having some good food, a long relaxing bath and a couple of glasses of red wine.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Super mutable Pisces Sun with Gemini Moon!

Natal charts can look daunting to the astrological novice, but in my experience a good rule of thumb is to start with some basic points when interpreting a natal chart. This is a good solid foundation before analysing the aspects or other more intricate factors.

  • What is the Sun sign?

  • What sign is the Ascendant in?

  • What is the Moon sign?

  • What is the predominant element and mode for the chart?

  • What houses do the Sun and Moon reside in?

  • What are the Venus and Mars signs?
This is a chart of a pal of mine, a fellow Piscean who has his Ascendant in the sign of Cancer, for the purposes of this post I shall call him Apekteina - I'm sorry, but I'm not going to explain the odd choice of pseudonym as I like to retain an air of mystery.

As a Piscean I am all to aware of the highly sensitive, changeable and evasive qualities of this sign, the Sun sign represents the essence and energy of a person. However, this is filtered through the Cancer Ascendant which shows us many things including how a person first approaches a situation, how others may first perceive him or her and from a soul centred perspective, the nature of our purpose in this current incarnation.

Cancer is another water sign along with Pisces, but being a cardinal sign it has a much more direct, confrontational energy. I am always surprised at the cuddly Cancer stereotype that abounds, as the Cancerians I have met are more than nurturing, deep, sensitive folk, they are also very feisty and not the sort of people you would want to mess with!

So, already we can see a strong water influence in this chart. But what about the Moon sign? Here we have a Gemini Moon, I personally find that I relate very strongly to my Moon sign which is Sagittarius. In the case of Apekteina this mutable Gemini Moon will add a restlessness and duality to the already restless and dual nature of mutable Pisces.

Boredom will be a real killer for this person! To nurture themselves they need to keep intellectually stimulated, have plenty of interesting things to read and interesting places to visit. Furthermore, with a sociable Gemini Moon they need to be able to relay all the information they have gathered through reading, fact finding and generally gadding about to a variety of interesting folk who can push their intellectual buttons.

So, this Moon sign adds a keen intellect, breeziness and sociable nature that goes hand in hand with any air sign, though as the Moon signifies our emotional nature, the objective and inquisitive Gemini Moon may be at odds with the emotional depths of the Piscean Sun from time to time.

As the Sun resides in the ninth house which is associated with Sagittarius there is a distinctive need for exploration and travel whether in material terms or simply travel of the mind, an expansive philosophical bent is added to the Piscean Sun. Interestingly, the Moon resides in the twelfth house which is associated with Pisces adding further Piscean qualities to the character and emotional nature, this placement can also represent suppression of the emotions.

There is a distinctly mutable influence at play here, giving a flexibility and inherent curiosity to the native, mutable signs are like the reeds in the wind and unlike the large solid old oak trees they bend in the storm and do not break. Mutable folk are adaptable and highly resilient and are bound to change course in life when it suits them without the upset that other folks may experience from sudden upheavals.

And now to the Venus and Mars signs, we find the first of these inner planets in the eccentric unconventional sign of Aquarius, When a Piscean has their Venus in Aquarius they will be far more independent in relationships, they will need plenty of space. Apekteina may find himself attracted to unconventional Aquarian type women or that he may need an element of mental attraction to actually want a relationship with the fairer sex.

With Mars in Sagittarius I would suggest a bit of a temper, sorry Saggies, but this is just my experience, I have a Sagittarian friends and they can go off with a crack, but in all honesty I prefer this to the brooding and enduring nature of a Scorpio who once scorned is unable to let go of their bitter vengefulness as their little pincers won't let them!

Apekteina may find that patience is not his strong point and may find that he is quite blunt in his dealings with people, although he is generally optimistic, passionate and a good laugh. Sexually speaking he probably has little in the way of airs and graces and just likes a good romp as often as possible and possibly al fresco. He may also find that he gets bored of partners quite quickly and gets turned off when people mention marriage or children!

So, we can see that this is the chart of an extremely inquisitive, mentally astute and changeable individual who may be sensitive, kind and caring, but doesn't want to get too involved with the messy business of emotional entanglements. I would also say that this is the chart of someone who is a good laugh to boot. While you might not appreciate being on the wrong end of his explosive temper, thankfully it is short lived as his mind is so active.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Saturn Says Eat Your Greens!

Saturn is a much maligned and overlooked planet in astrology, I often wonder if this is to do with the fact that Saturnian values just aren't particularly trendy.

I often think of Saturn as the fatherly figure who stands over you making sure that you have finished eating your greens before you're allowed to have pudding. This can seem quite intimidating and can really rile a person for obvious reasons. However, as long as you are honouring your part of the deal and munching through that cabbage and broccoli you will get your pudding- you don't want to eat your veg, but you know you have to and that it contains vitamins and minerals, also, you know deep down that it's character building.

Now this is where it gets interesting; will you get the tiramisu, the strawberry cheesecake or the rather uninspiring low fat chocolate mousse? Well, that all depends on what you deserve, Saturn is a karmic planet, you can't hide from karma because sooner or later we all have to reap what we so for good or for ill.

This is why people don't like Saturn, because in Western culture so many of our actions are completely divorced from the consequences, to take true responsibility for our actions is tantamount to a slap in the face. However, Saturn teaches us that nothing of lasting worth is achieved without a solid foundation which means hard graft and integrity, what's more, if you take the time to befriend him he will help you reap the fruits of your labour.

Who better to feel the effects of this teacher than those with their natal Saturn in their first house? The first house is ruled by Aries and Mars and corresponds to the self, so when Saturn takes up residence here we have some challenges and limitations to do with our sense of self and self worth. Saturn highlights karmic challenges to be overcome for our soul development in this lifetime, the house and sign where he resides show us the nature of the challenge or challenges.

The key to overcoming these obstacles is that Saturn often represents limitation and in order to move on we have to accept these limitations and work within them. In the first house, the native often begins life with assertiveness issues and a lack of self worth, often feeling victimised and bullied by others. The challenge is to accept the personal power that is already within and to develop self confidence.

It is interesting to note that Saturn rules Capricorn, a sign that is often said to age in reverse, and the same can be said of natives with a first house Saturn or Saturn conjunct their Ascendant. While they are children they can seem like little old men and women before their time, later in life, if they have remained true to the challenges of Saturn they are rewarded with an envious youthfulness and they are released from the karmic weight that rested so heavily on their shoulders.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Astrology Basics, an Introduction

The weather over the last few days has been so fabulous that I have been unable to sit in front of my computer. As someone who has a lot of fire in my chart it is imperative ( and that text has been bolded for added theatrical impact) that I get out, have some adventures and get plenty of sunshine! However, a dire consequence of this is that my blog has been sadly neglected. So, I have decided to whip myself with bunches of stinging nettles while wearing an itchy jumper and I am writing another blog post to alleviate the gnawing guilt! ( What can I say, you tend to be a little hard on yourself when you have Saturn conjunct your Ascendant!)

This post shall be dealing with a question that was recently posed to me by a friend on a forum that I frequent.

"please could you explain the basic mechanics of astrology aka the info you require to create a reading" (if that is the right way of putting it), the tools you use to create a framework (sorry if that sounds a bit corporate nobcheese-speak) and how do you astrologer gals and guys maintain impartiality aka if you were having tea with Russell Grant would the mechanics of astrology see each of you writing similar conclusions about the same person?"

Well, here goes. To do an in depth chart you need an exact time and the place of birth.

One of the main benefits of having the exact birth time is that you or the astrologer will be able to find out the Ascendant or rising sign for the chart which is important as this is the lens through which the rest of the chart is filtered. It symbolises how you relate to the world and how the world relates to you and in Esoteric Astrology it represents the highest development that can be achieved by your soul in this incarnation.

An accurate birth time will help you calculate other factors in the chart; for example as the Moon changes sign every 2 to 2.5 days it could help you decide if your moon sign is easy going, romantic and sociable Libra or dynamic, intense, charismatic Scorpio! If you were born on a day when the Moon changed sign and you don't know the time of your birth you may have to use a certain amount of guess work.

However, even without an exact time of birth it is still possible to find out your Moon sign and you can also find your Venus sign and Mars sign. Information like this can provide you with valuable insights into your emotional responses and how you relate to others. And yes, this can be used in the context of relations with the opposite gender which is something a lot of people want to know more about.

Some great free charts can be obtained from the Venus Group and Astrodienst and tables of Moon, Venus and Mars signs can be found at Cafe Astrology, this site also has some great articles for curious bods who wish to learn more about the fascinating art of astrology.

Pictured on the right is the birth chart and I will be writing a series of posts shortly to talk beginners through how this works.

But back to the task at hand; there are questions to be answered. The chart is based on where the planets were in relation to you at the exact moment you exited your mother and made your entrance in to the world.

As this is very real and very concrete information, the whereabouts of the planets will not change; the information the astrologer uses is the same whether they are dining with Mystic Meg or your Auntie Dorris.

This is why I like Astrology, because things mean what they mean, a good Astrologer will have studied Astrology for years and they will give you a reading based on the data that you have presented.

If that sounds easy do not be decieved, Astrology is an occult science, if you want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes you will have to do some research and read up on the subject, you could also follow my blog!