Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Venus in the signs Libra to Pisces

After yesterdays musings I think it is only proper to follow up with Venus in the signs; Libra through to Pisces.

I have been in a funny old mood today, actually there has been nothing funny about it! I would actually say I have been in a downright scary mood and searching as I have been for an astrological explanation for this I may just have to put it down to good old fashioned women's things! If you missed Venus in the signs; Aries to Virgo you may want to check it out, my PMS wasn't as bad yesterday and it was written with considerably less venom and vitriol!

Libra is a funny old sign, I say this because despite having a reputation for being incredibly charming, urbane and refined both my mother and father are Librans and I will share a couple of brief Libran anecdotes about them with you.

My mother affects a rather posh accent despite being from Herefordshire, and she does get very upset at my blue and un-lady like language (to quote an ex boyfriend I have "a mouth like a builders arse."), however, I was watching one of the Lord of the Rings films with her when she piped up and said "whenever I see The Eye of Sauran it reminds me of a giant fiery vag", excuse me while I wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes. I still find this absolutely hysterical when I think of my mother, a white haired old lady who bakes muffins and cakes uttering such filth! What makes this even funnier is the fact that it is true.

Then there is my father who is one of the most tactless and impatient people that I know, once he was in his local supermarket and was in a rush, he actually told someone to get the f**k out of his way! This obviously is the shadow side and lest we forget that Libra is a cardinal sign who are go getters whatever many books on astrology would have you believe, they do have quite a nasty temper I have found, and this is not just my parents.

Venus in Libra is at home in this sign as she rules Libra in addition to Taurus. What I will say about this placement is that Venus loves beautiful things, cannot stand mess and will not tolerate unfairness. For all the potential fussiness (and I would say this trait can be worse here than Venus in Virgo) and being a little bit prissy and Venusian Libran is a charming, fun loving kind of person who has an inherent sense of justice. However, despite being born to a couple of Libran parents their objectivity can be baffling and frustrating at times.

Mysterious and sexy Venus in Scorpio, probably traditionally the most sizzling Venus placement, well let me tell you that these people are mere mortals like the rest of us and are not imbued with some sort of magical sex appeal although they would love us all to believe that. Granted these people can be very sexual creatures and I have had my fingers burnt more than once by a Scorpio man and after that I have vowed to stay away from them in matters of the heart! These people are passionate and possessive; the physical side will be great until you tire of the petty vindictiveness and predictability. However, if you want intensity look no further.

Sagittarius is a funny Venus sign, these people are great to go out and get drunk with, but don't leave them alone with your partner! These people could well have no morals, and what is more they don't care, as long as they're having fun they don't care, they may pretend that they feel bad for being so irresponsible and inconsiderate, but that's just lip service - if it helps grease the wheels. If that sounds mean I feel I am completely justified as I have my Moon in Sagittarius, I have a Sagittarian brother so I am all too painfully aware of the less savoury side of this sign. What I will say is that it is all part of the merry charm that is the Sagittarius experience, take them as you find them and enjoy having a bawdy laugh.

Venus in Capricorn is another funny one. Again, I find that traditional interpretations appear to have been written by someone from another planet. I know many people with Venus in Capricorn that are hard partying hedonists that could drink most people under the table. They are very cuddly warm people once you get past the icy and unapproachable veneer so don't be fooled. However, you will have to prove your worthiness, also I can say from an observers view point that these people are not always the most faithful companions, so if you have a feeling that they are eyeing up the nearest hottie and you don't think you can trust them you are probably correct! Dump them immediately.

Venus in Aquaruis, again, much as these people would like you to believe that they are futuristic eccentrics who are ahead of their time do not be fooled. There is a fine line between genius and madness and they are probably not interesting enough to fall in to either. They are stubborn and oddly enough have something of a Leonine diva-like quality about them. I don't know where Aquarius got their reputation for unpredictability from because the Aquarians I know are predictable and don't take kindly to change just like the other fixed signs Taurus, Leo and Scorpio. Now I have finished giving Aquarius a hard time I'd like to add that they are very loyal, interesting and independent folk who do have a good head on their shoulders and are generally up for the crack.

Last of all is Venus in Pisces. Now whoever said that Pisces was a rather meek sign has got the wrong end of the stick, I am a Pisces and boy can I go off with a crack, in fact, I am quite scary when I am in the wrong sort of mood (which I have been for most of today). However, Pisces is very martyrish and emotional; I thank my lucky stars that I have Venus in Aries to counteract some of these qualities! If you think your Venusian Piscean will be at your beck and call think again. This sign is the master of illusion and Piscean people are major flirts and they are devious too, some folk say that Gemini's are bad; however the fish is slippery and impossible to pin down.

Now that I have finished my hormone crazed cussing of Venus placements from Libra through to Pisces I will love you and leave you as I have to go and lift some weights. I am utilising a mars Jupiter conjunction in my natal chart to fuel a fitness plan so I can realise my true Leo Ascendant brilliance and soon I will be able to bask in the mirror in the glow of my own lovely buffness! I jest of course - I just like to keep active.


  1. digging the idea of referencing natal charts to formulate fitness plans. is that something widely done aka is there such a thing as a book that combines fitness goals with astrology? sounds groovy me thinks!


  2. Hi there, there certainly is a way to do this, there is a thread on these sort of matters on the astrologers community forum in their medical astrology section. http://www.astrologyweekly.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=14

    This is a good place to start. Any good mars transite and transits through your 6th house can be good.

    A Handbook of Medical astrology by Jane Ridder Patrick is a good book to read


    Hope that helps

    Bex x