Monday, 20 July 2009

Venus in the signs Aries to Virgo

I'm afraid I have done myself a wrong-un and after a brief period of recovery this has prompted a brief guide to Venus in the signs. Where Venus (which is known as a personal planet) falls in the natives birth chart can be most revealing.

If you are wondering what kind of tenuous link this has with me doing myself a wrong-un I shall explain. I have been blighted with a serious illness since December last year that has affected my right kidney, and I have a had surgery and still have a stent in. This stent is about a foot long and runs from my kidney to my bladder and impedes movement and causes extreme discomfort in the event of heavy exercise.

I was going out running again last week, and I have to sheepishly admit that a large part of that had to do with the fact that my significant other has been going out cycling and is looking pretty buff. My Venus in Aries saw this as a challenge and started to get all competitive about this (and I have to admit that my Leo Ascendant got a little envious of his buffness and decided that it simply won't do to be looking flabby and out of shape compared to my man!). Ultra feminine, girly Venus is said to be in detriment in Aries which is the sign ruled by the warrior god Mars. Rather than doing the good girly thing of painting her nails and congratulating her man on his commitment to fitness Venus in Aries decided that anything a bloke can do, she can do better, regardless of the fact she is stuck with a foot long foreign body in her water works!

As a result of this I ended up going for a much longer run than normal on Friday, it was pouring with rain, and it turned out to be a bit of an adventure, running up muddy hills, being chased by dogs, getting lost - all good wholesome fun!

Unfortunately when I returned home I was a tad worse for wear! I was recounting the tale to my brother (a Sagittarian) who asked me if I had done a "rosy wee", the answer being yes. So I spent from Friday to Sunday munching painkillers and feeling pretty terrible.

On the good side, I called the hospital after I got back on Friday to rather angrily inform them of my "rosy wee" as I was pretty cross, especially at the fact that my boyfriend was going to getting fitter and buffer than me until I had the stent removed. This actually got the desired result; I got a call today to say that I can get that cursed piece of plastic removed next Tuesday. Venus in Aries - both a blessing and a curse.

So there you have it, a little story that illustrates the Venus in Aries experience. If you are in a relationship with someone (especially a lady) who has this placement and are silly enough to chuck the "it's not all about you" card at her; prepare to be met with a blank stare (what the hell are they talking about?) before she shrugs her shoulders and returns to the important task at hand. That's if you’re lucky, you could just as well be in for a fiery tirade of profanities, and take note of the fact that she will soon get bored of this sort of nonsense because Venus in Aries doesn't play games! Venus in Aries is passionate and becomes quickly inflamed with desire, unfortunately Venus in Aries gets bored just as quickly.

This brings me on to Venus in Taurus. Venus is at home in this sign, who she rules, Taurus loves all the deliciously Venusian goodies that Venus rules, food, wine, music, art and of course romance. Venus in Taurus is sensual and there is a solidity and physicality about these people, however, this fixed sign won't give up or let go and can prove to be rather possessive. If you are the solid earthy type yourself, or someone deep and emotional who is looking for a rock, Venus in Taurus is going to be good for you. Although these people can be rather materialistic, there is nothing superficial about them, they simply enjoy the good things in life.

If I believed everything that was written about Venus in Gemini or Gemini in general I would have got rid of my boyfriend for fear that he is a philandering, bisexual, schizoid! However, what I would say is this mutable sign does get bored pretty easily and has a fabulous sense of humour. If you are looking for emotional intensity go and find someone with a lot of Scorpio, Cancer or Taurus in their chart, these folk are too rational for that sort of thing and have to many other projects on the go to waste their time with all of that. Anyone with a lot of Gemini in their chart reminds me of a 5 year old child who is all excited and has drunk too much cola.

This brings me on to Venus in Cancer, these can be intensely emotional people who can be extremely caring, generous and could well be your dream lover. These sensitive souls can be deep and sexual, however, I will say that more detached types could end up feeling smothered by the strength of their emotions and these people should come with a warning so people know not to scorn them. Scorpio's have a bad reputation for the sting in their tail, however I would not like to play games with a Venus in Cancer person, in my experience this sign has the potential to be even more spine chillingly vengeful than a Scorp.

Venus in Leo; I actually feel bad about stating the obvious; that these people are lovely, fluffy, generous, steadfast people as long as you can put up with the ego, drama and conceit - yes they can be a bit of a diva. If I sound like I don't like Leo's that is not true, I had a great time with a Leo lad when I was younger and my oldest friend is a Leo who I love to bits. As long as you realise that it is really all about them and are fine with that, or you have enough Aries in your chart to not notice this because it is actually all about you, or enough Sagittarius or air signs in your chart to genuinely not care, you may feel a little overshadowed.

This brings me to my last instalment, Venus in Virgo. I often find that I read interpretations of the Sun or other planets in Virgo and if they were true I would keep away from these people because they are not very flattering. In fact I think Virgo's are an absolute hoot, these are a mutable sign, so expect a Venus in Virgo to be a bit of a nutter, there is an inherent restlessness to this sign that makes me chuckle inwardly. The best thing about this is that it is understated and executed with a beautifully dry wit, if you ever thought this sign was prudish think again, Venus in Virgo is full of surprises.

Anyhow, those are some random musings on Venus in Aries through to Virgo.


  1. Hi Bex,

    I have Venus in Virgo, I always used to have bad comments about that, such as being uptight etc
    Your words described me perfectly!! Yes, I am a nutter with a crazy sense of humour, which most people don't get!

    Thanks for your observations and your blog.

    love Mel xx

    ps, hope your health improves, sending you good vibes :)

  2. Thanks Mel, finally sorted :)

    There is nowt wrong with Virgo, in fact your Virgo comment has prompted me to write a Virgo focused post upon my return to my blog.

  3. Wow I understand my mom a bit better..she has Venus in Virgo, Leo Sun.

  4. Thanks, I have personally found Venus signs to give good insight in to a persons inner nature in many respects.

    Bex x