Monday, 6 July 2009

Saturn Says Eat Your Greens!

Saturn is a much maligned and overlooked planet in astrology, I often wonder if this is to do with the fact that Saturnian values just aren't particularly trendy.

I often think of Saturn as the fatherly figure who stands over you making sure that you have finished eating your greens before you're allowed to have pudding. This can seem quite intimidating and can really rile a person for obvious reasons. However, as long as you are honouring your part of the deal and munching through that cabbage and broccoli you will get your pudding- you don't want to eat your veg, but you know you have to and that it contains vitamins and minerals, also, you know deep down that it's character building.

Now this is where it gets interesting; will you get the tiramisu, the strawberry cheesecake or the rather uninspiring low fat chocolate mousse? Well, that all depends on what you deserve, Saturn is a karmic planet, you can't hide from karma because sooner or later we all have to reap what we so for good or for ill.

This is why people don't like Saturn, because in Western culture so many of our actions are completely divorced from the consequences, to take true responsibility for our actions is tantamount to a slap in the face. However, Saturn teaches us that nothing of lasting worth is achieved without a solid foundation which means hard graft and integrity, what's more, if you take the time to befriend him he will help you reap the fruits of your labour.

Who better to feel the effects of this teacher than those with their natal Saturn in their first house? The first house is ruled by Aries and Mars and corresponds to the self, so when Saturn takes up residence here we have some challenges and limitations to do with our sense of self and self worth. Saturn highlights karmic challenges to be overcome for our soul development in this lifetime, the house and sign where he resides show us the nature of the challenge or challenges.

The key to overcoming these obstacles is that Saturn often represents limitation and in order to move on we have to accept these limitations and work within them. In the first house, the native often begins life with assertiveness issues and a lack of self worth, often feeling victimised and bullied by others. The challenge is to accept the personal power that is already within and to develop self confidence.

It is interesting to note that Saturn rules Capricorn, a sign that is often said to age in reverse, and the same can be said of natives with a first house Saturn or Saturn conjunct their Ascendant. While they are children they can seem like little old men and women before their time, later in life, if they have remained true to the challenges of Saturn they are rewarded with an envious youthfulness and they are released from the karmic weight that rested so heavily on their shoulders.

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  1. Hi Bex

    this is totally true, everything you have written applies to me. But, the funny thing is, I have finally decided that if I want pudding , I will have pudding, lol, and my greens can wait until I feel like them. I have eaten too many greens and I am liberating myself at last, maybe I have finally 'connected' to Saturn at last... and so I have realised that I CAN have my pudding and eat it, lol.
    I am reversing in age, too. I always used to worry , especially when younger , and now I am letting my shoulders have a rest.

    Excellent read. thanks very much. Mel x