Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Astrology and Exercise

As most bloggers do I like to keep an eye on the people who arrive at Bex’s blog through their Google searches. I have yet to see anyone arrive at my blog through any amusing and/or incongruous searches – but that is only a matter of time and to be honest I am gleefully awaiting that particular day.

However, one thing caught my eye; someone had searched for “Sagittarius and exercise”. Now, I am no expert on medical astrology, but I do know that exercise is vital in maintaining sound physical, mental and spiritual health for natives of all the zodiacs signs.

Sure I could write a post on how Aries people should do something competitive; Aquarians should take up some sort of wacky extreme sport while Cancers and Pisceans adopt a more gentle exercise regime involving water or swimming. I’m not going to do that, because to be honest that has been done so many times before that it is a bit boring really; and despite my passion for all things astrological I am unable to endorse such sweeping generalisations. If I went down that route before long I would probably be tempted to start offering beauty tips and articles titled “10 ways to please your man” I think you catch my drift no!

The truth is that people just need to get off their posteriors and go outside for a walk, run, play some tennis or whatever takes their fancy. Strange as it may seem for an astrology blogger I don’t think one can prescribe a mode of exercise using astrology – although if anyone wants to debate this matter with me please feel free to do so.

I am a Piscean and I hate swimming, the very idea of flailing about in chlorinated water makes me shudder, I wouldn’t seriously entertain the idea of a dance class or any other supposedly Piscean fitness based activities. If anyone suggested to me I should take up these fitness activities because of astrology I would surely mock them!

If a form of exercise doesn’t involve pushing myself to my limit and getting very hot, sweaty, out of breath and preferably being outdoors I am not interested thanks. When it comes to exercise the way forward is to do what you really want to do, that way you are more likely to stick with it. Getting plenty of exercise is of prime importance, it is the difference between being a wolf and becoming some lame kind of lapdog. Obviously the wolf is much cooler.

So today’s lesson is don’t make all your decisions based on astrology – think for yourselves dammit! Also, feel free to let me know how you keep fit and whether you feel it reflects you Sun sign.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Martian Adventures

Imagine the God of War and the planetary archetype that governs our drive to succeed conquer and dominate as well as our sexuality in perhaps one of the most girly of all astrological signs.

Well, why don’t we just completely emasculate the poor chap, slap some lippy on him, stick a pair of tights on him, call him Shirley and have done with it! While we’re at it we might as well bitch slap him, force him to wear a pini, and tell him to “get in the kitchen and cook us some goddam pie!”

Call Him Shirley?

When we are faced with obstacles, challenges and the pursuit of our desires Mars the god of war comes in to his own. And let me tell you, he has not been at ease while in the sign of Cancer. Perhaps the endless weeks of soft furnishings were too much to bear. Perhaps being forced to spend day after cooking and considering others (Mars rolls eyes) alongside other essentially feminine and un-Martian activities have been a complete travesty in the eyes of favourite warrior god.

Prepare to be Revitalised

If you have been feeling a little drained and jaded and in need of a little pep there is good news around the corner, we should soon be receiving renewed energy. The good news is that this doesn’t involve any harmful stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine or crystal meth, but this bolt of energy will be of celestial origin as Mars charges onwards in to the sign of the Lion.

Being one of the masculine signs Leo the fixed fire sign is ruled by the Sun and he is well equipped to be a gracious host for an eight month long Martian visit. This is most fortuitous news indeed, especially for all those with a planets and points in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Those who are heavy on the air signs will notice they have more get up and go than they have done in a while – since Mars was in Gemini to be precise. The date for the start of his Leo adventures is October the 16th and as Leo is a fixed sign the Martian energy will be enduring, relentless and fiery, what more could you possibly ask for?

Don't be Selfish

My only caveat here is that Leo and Mars both have a reputation for being a teeny bit on the self centred side, so while this influence is favourable for self satisfaction – and the importance of this can never be overemphasised, we must take care not to trample on people en-route to the fulfilment of our ambitions!

Feeling Fruity

As far as the “man/lady stuff” goes those with an emphasis on air and fire in their chart should be feeling more potent, libido should increase, and you may feel a good deal fruitier than you have been in a while - good times ahead I think!

What about You?

I have my ascendant in the sign of the king and that's Leo and not Elvis - just to make that clear. I am anticipating a good time ahead to work on my own heart felt ambitions over the next few months. How are you anticipating this Mars Leo transit to affect you?