Saturday, 11 July 2009

Moon in Sagittarius

I am very sore and tired today after going for my first run in about 3 months. I have had health problems and now I am thankfully on the road to recovery and my Sagittarian Moon has grown extremely restless and bored of a sedentary lifestyle.

Think about one of the worst punishments you can imagine, that's how I feel when I am cooped up indoors, and unable to move freely and stretch my legs! In addition to a rather changeable Piscean Sun I am blessed with a Saggie Moon that nags me to get out, move about and enjoy being physical.

Being lucky enough to move to somewhere as beautiful as the Forest of Dean; looking forward (another Sagittarian trait) to going running in the forest has been one of the main things that has got me through dark times while I have been ill, and today I got out and ran through the trees in the rain and thought about how great it was to be blessed with a healthy, functioning body. I have always liked to run outside, I consider this a form of meditation and a way of raising my energy and chi if you like. It is also a way of putting energy back in to the Earth and showing my appreciation and thanks for the many gifts of Mother Nature.

What better for a Sagittarian passtime than the freedom of running through a beautiful wild place feeling the power of nature and my own physical being?

While I do have to admit that I get a certain shallow satisfaction from looking buff and bearing a passing resemblance to Lara Croft or Xena the Warrior Princess (well, I do have Leo on the Ascendant!), I also enjoy feeling fit and powerful.

I began training a couple of weeks ago for when I am fully recovered, so I can start kickboxing again, today was my first run, and I am tired, sore and hungry, I am having some good food, a long relaxing bath and a couple of glasses of red wine.


  1. As a fellow Saggie I agree entirely.
    Thanks for writing. :)

  2. Thanks for that :)if you have any astro questions please feel free to ask.