Friday, 10 July 2009

Super mutable Pisces Sun with Gemini Moon!

Natal charts can look daunting to the astrological novice, but in my experience a good rule of thumb is to start with some basic points when interpreting a natal chart. This is a good solid foundation before analysing the aspects or other more intricate factors.

  • What is the Sun sign?

  • What sign is the Ascendant in?

  • What is the Moon sign?

  • What is the predominant element and mode for the chart?

  • What houses do the Sun and Moon reside in?

  • What are the Venus and Mars signs?
This is a chart of a pal of mine, a fellow Piscean who has his Ascendant in the sign of Cancer, for the purposes of this post I shall call him Apekteina - I'm sorry, but I'm not going to explain the odd choice of pseudonym as I like to retain an air of mystery.

As a Piscean I am all to aware of the highly sensitive, changeable and evasive qualities of this sign, the Sun sign represents the essence and energy of a person. However, this is filtered through the Cancer Ascendant which shows us many things including how a person first approaches a situation, how others may first perceive him or her and from a soul centred perspective, the nature of our purpose in this current incarnation.

Cancer is another water sign along with Pisces, but being a cardinal sign it has a much more direct, confrontational energy. I am always surprised at the cuddly Cancer stereotype that abounds, as the Cancerians I have met are more than nurturing, deep, sensitive folk, they are also very feisty and not the sort of people you would want to mess with!

So, already we can see a strong water influence in this chart. But what about the Moon sign? Here we have a Gemini Moon, I personally find that I relate very strongly to my Moon sign which is Sagittarius. In the case of Apekteina this mutable Gemini Moon will add a restlessness and duality to the already restless and dual nature of mutable Pisces.

Boredom will be a real killer for this person! To nurture themselves they need to keep intellectually stimulated, have plenty of interesting things to read and interesting places to visit. Furthermore, with a sociable Gemini Moon they need to be able to relay all the information they have gathered through reading, fact finding and generally gadding about to a variety of interesting folk who can push their intellectual buttons.

So, this Moon sign adds a keen intellect, breeziness and sociable nature that goes hand in hand with any air sign, though as the Moon signifies our emotional nature, the objective and inquisitive Gemini Moon may be at odds with the emotional depths of the Piscean Sun from time to time.

As the Sun resides in the ninth house which is associated with Sagittarius there is a distinctive need for exploration and travel whether in material terms or simply travel of the mind, an expansive philosophical bent is added to the Piscean Sun. Interestingly, the Moon resides in the twelfth house which is associated with Pisces adding further Piscean qualities to the character and emotional nature, this placement can also represent suppression of the emotions.

There is a distinctly mutable influence at play here, giving a flexibility and inherent curiosity to the native, mutable signs are like the reeds in the wind and unlike the large solid old oak trees they bend in the storm and do not break. Mutable folk are adaptable and highly resilient and are bound to change course in life when it suits them without the upset that other folks may experience from sudden upheavals.

And now to the Venus and Mars signs, we find the first of these inner planets in the eccentric unconventional sign of Aquarius, When a Piscean has their Venus in Aquarius they will be far more independent in relationships, they will need plenty of space. Apekteina may find himself attracted to unconventional Aquarian type women or that he may need an element of mental attraction to actually want a relationship with the fairer sex.

With Mars in Sagittarius I would suggest a bit of a temper, sorry Saggies, but this is just my experience, I have a Sagittarian friends and they can go off with a crack, but in all honesty I prefer this to the brooding and enduring nature of a Scorpio who once scorned is unable to let go of their bitter vengefulness as their little pincers won't let them!

Apekteina may find that patience is not his strong point and may find that he is quite blunt in his dealings with people, although he is generally optimistic, passionate and a good laugh. Sexually speaking he probably has little in the way of airs and graces and just likes a good romp as often as possible and possibly al fresco. He may also find that he gets bored of partners quite quickly and gets turned off when people mention marriage or children!

So, we can see that this is the chart of an extremely inquisitive, mentally astute and changeable individual who may be sensitive, kind and caring, but doesn't want to get too involved with the messy business of emotional entanglements. I would also say that this is the chart of someone who is a good laugh to boot. While you might not appreciate being on the wrong end of his explosive temper, thankfully it is short lived as his mind is so active.


  1. tis chum of bex here aka apekteina. i am stunned at how accurate this is, seriously. we only know each other virtually and it's a new and recent friendship yet her interpretation resonates in sync with the way i am. frankly it's rather freaky to finally comprehend that astrology really reflects true reality, but my "mutability" will help me de-freak! bex, thank you very much :)

  2. Hi there, as astrology is something of a science it's not really shocking at all.

    When you look in to it more deeply it becomes very intricate and also surprisingly accurate.

  3. into this world... Thank you. The force is strong with you. Live long and Prosper

    That resonated on many levels.. Thanks again. Mutable.. Shift. 2012.
    disclosure id 164. I'm journeying right now with cannabis... ethneogens... still not grounded... lol, getting there =)