Monday, 13 July 2009

Planets in Gemini - Yay!

Venus is now in Gemini and Mars moved in to the sign of the twins on the 11th which I feel will be a great boost for people with their Natal Venus and Mars in fire or air signs.

After Mars has been plodding through Taurus in a slow and steady fashion it is a bit of a relief that he is finally more at home in the restless excitable Gemini. Taurus is, as you may or not know, ruled by Venus, the planet representing the feminine principal, I wonder if this may have had an emasculating effect on the God of War (Mars), who is now probably glad to be getting his freak on and moving freely once again.

You can see how this Mars transit may affect you by having a look at your natal chart (birth chart) and good free charts can be obtained from Astrodienst and the Venus Group and you will be able to see what house Mars is in at this present time. I will take the liberty of giving you all a quick breakdown of how Mars may shake up different areas of your life depending on what house he is now moving through. Bear in mind that Mars is a positive, masculine Yang energy and he will assert himself in such a manner.
  1. In the first house this is the house of yourself, associated with the sign of Aries. The Martian energy will manifest in all areas that revolve around you! This is all very much in keeping with the red planet who is extremely happy as he rules this house and of course the sign of Aries - happy days!
  2. In the second the focus will be on material possessions values and all things Taurean, you could find that you have a particularly strong drive to succeed or maybe spend money. The Martian energy will permeate your desire to acquire material security, possessions, but it could also manifest as rashness in this area, so keep that in check.
  3. The third rules communication and is probably my favouite house (I have Pluto here in my natal chart), short journeys and siblings as it is the house we associate with Gemini the twins. This will no doubt give your mental faculties a real boost and you could find yourself busy flitting here and there on various errands and little jollies.
  4. The fourth is the house of home and roots and this is linked to the sign of Cancer. When Mars has been transiting my fourth house I have found that I have been busier than usual at home, receiving guests (with Mars in Gemini at the moment this could be the most likely outcome) and more house proud than usual putting more energy in to organising my surroundings.
  5. This is one of my favourite houses as it is the house of all the nice things such as creativity, kids, parties, romance, it is the house of all things Leonine, need I say more. What I will say is lucky you; you're in for a good time, and quite possibly a bit of a sexy time too!
  6. When Mars is transiting the sixth house, all matters of a Virgoan nature are given the Martian treatment; the sixth house is concerned with day to day activities, health and diet, work and oddly enough pets. If you have been letting yourself go somewhat this is a great time to start exercising, improve your diet and be more organised and efficient, you will have the Martian energy working for you in these areas.
  7. This house is the house of relationships and is associated with the air sign Libra, as Mars rules sex it could mean that things get a little steamy, and that is obviously great for most of us. It will bring the intense focus of Mars to close relationships and partnerships, but this can also signify tension and conflict as you might expect with the planet in question being Mars.
  8. Moving on to House number eight and all things of a Scorpionic nature; this is the house of sex, transformation, death and joint finances. Mars is having a good time here, as he rules Scorpio, so he is feeling pretty comfortable. You may also find the Martian energies compel you to investigate hidden or occult matters in true Scorpio style, others people's money may also be brought to your attention. You could see the end of an old cycle in your life and the beginning of a new one.
  9. And that brings us to house nine, another personal favourite, and things of a Sagittarian nature such as travelling, studying, adventure, meeting new and interesting people, religion and philosophy. The Martian energy may give you itchy feet and thoughts may turn to those of adventure, if you have been stuck in a rut and jaded of late take advantage of this period in time to broaden your horizons.
  10. The tenth house is associated with Capricorn and rules your career, ambition and drive to succeed, Mars is exalted in this house, make the most of these energies to help you achieve your worldly goals, you know you deserve this and Mars will lend his energy in all matters of business and self promotion. You may find abrasive situations with people in authority, but that's only because you know you deserve better than to be bossed around by that joker!
  11. Yet another one of my favourite houses, the eleventh is a house with an Aquarian nature and any sort of group efforts or co-operation is likely to become energised with the Martian get up and go. This will be great if you have networking to do and this is also the house that is traditionally associated with gifts from the king, so this is all good as far as I'm concerned. Embrace the feeling of humanitarianism and just go with it.
  12. This mysterious house is the house of the unconscious, private and hidden things and it is also a house that is associated with all things Piscean. Traditionally this is also the house of secret enemies, and with Mars transiting this could get quite interesting, however, last time I had Mars transiting my Twelfth house there was no cloak and daggers type tomfoolery going on. I found instead that the Martian energy was channeled in to an examination of matters that I usually force to the back of my mind where they fester and end up causing seemingly unrelated problems. The confrontational Martian energy helped me examine this and start dealing with things in a different way.

Anyhow, Even more interesting is the Uranus and Saturn opposition that is going on right now, although that deserves another post all of its own which no doubt will arrive shortly. Another forthcoming noteworthy event will be the Mars and Uranus square lasting from the 11th to the 26th August - things could get a little interesting, more tales from Uranus.


  1. one wonders if the planets represent differing realities and our way of being on one fashions which reality we experience next in a sort of "play your cards right" stylee. maybe the planets and their unique realities interact trying to dominate each other- when worlds collide. who knows, once upon a time there may have been many more planets. but what of the sun? perhaps it's the referee. and the moons manage the boundaries, though if i remember correctly not all planets have a moon or moons.
    that doesn't quite fit in with my unified field of everything, i shall have to ponder how and if they connect with the notion of human type beings from another star system in the galaxy artificially developing the solar system and seeding life. then again, an initial ponderance indicates it could merge.

    anyhows! thanks for another interesting blog post :)


  2. Hi, so if venus and mars are in gemini, does that mean that (what you wrote about : 3. house of gemini), gemini things you described are going to be happening? you know mental faculties and flitting around , etc?
    Because today was the busiest day i have had in ages! I was flitting around for hours in the freezing cold and rain,lol, but got heaps done!
    ( i really get confused about what transits mean, no matter how hard i try. i get the general idea but the knowledge just will not stay in my head).
    Thanks for this blog, I love it!

    Mel x

  3. e, that is a very interesting slant on things :)

    I suppose I think of the planets and signs representing archetypes and certain kinds of energies which we all have inside ourselves. Astrology can help you work with these, understand different aspects within yourself and make the best of situations.

    You birth chart is, if you like a cosmic blue print of the universe at the exact moment you were born, as everything interconnected, by looking at the position of planets we can apply these energies to people and situations and over a long period of time various enlightened individuals have made a study of how the planetary influence may be applied to our own lives - as above so below.


    I'm glad you pointed out the third house Mars situation, you are indeed correct. You can expect to be busy at the moment, now is also a great time for any mental pursuits that involve short trips and communication.

    Transits are jsut when planets move transiting through signs and houses, it's all just astrological jargon.

    At some point in the near future I will be constructing a site to go with this blog, so it is great to get peoles feedback as I want to publish articles that answer peoples questions.

    Thanks everyone :)

    Bex x