Monday, 14 September 2009

Tales from Uranus II - watch out Pisces & Virgo!

As if the Mercury retrograde isn’t fun and games enough, the trickster is hell bent on causing yet more of his Mercurial shenanigans as he passes through Virgo getting caught in the cross fire of the current Saturn in Virgo versus Uranus in Pisces showdown. As some of you already know the Sun is also enjoying his annual sojourn in the sign of the Virgin at this very moment. So, this is interesting astro babble indeed for those with planets and points in Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius!

But of course, you need dates, you need times; so let’s break this down in to a nice little timeline in a dates for your diary type semi-orderly fashion!

Uranus Saturn Opposition

Set to occur on the 15th September, these two heavy weights are caught up in a face off and if you can imagine this in the context of immovable masculine, authoritarian traditionalist meets innovative, eccentric liberator then you will have a basic grasp of this dichotomy! This really is a tug of war; do we continue with what we are doing? Is it flogging the proverbial deceased horse or will it eventually yield the results that we are intending? However, maybe a good old two finger salute to the tried and tested way of doing things is the order of the day.

Seeing as I am a Pisces born 11th March this is a little too close to home for me and I am already feeling the tension, on the verge of some sort of eruption I would not care to give advice to anyone at present. Suffice to say that I shall be happy if I make it to Sept 23rd with my sanity intact!

Mercury in to Virgo & Mercury Pluto Square

Sept 17th is the day when Mercury slips back in to Virgo possibly bringing some troubling hitches of a pedantic detail orientated nature. It is also the day when the Pluto Mercury square occurs, this could force unresolved issues to the surface so be warned! This is a revisit of the same aspect made while Mercury was in direct motion, I see this a fortuitous time to re-evaluate and to finally get to the bottom of an uncomfortable matter. If you are not sure of what that is now, don’t worry, I am certain it will become clear enough!

Mercury Conjunct Saturn Opposite Uranus

Mercury will be in the midst of the Uranus and Saturn opposition on the 22nd and 23rd September, needless to say, those with planets and points in Pisces and Virgo and the other mutable signs should fasten their cosmic seatbelts.

On one hand this may be a rather sobering influence and one would hope that it would point to a reality check. Not always the most pleasant of things, but useful none the less. However, as intellectual thought processes are steadied with the Saturnine structure, limitations and rationality there is a pull from Uranus. No, I’m not trying to be funny! Uranus is the absolutely busting to blow the restrictions away and do something truly original and amazing. However, please don’t take that as carte blanche to do anything rash as Uranus is just as likely to want to do something that is just plain bizarre and reckless which will do you no favours at all.

When two planetary heavy weights are battling it out in such a way, and I say battling as their energies are so different, we all feel it. This is a theme that began in autumn 2008 and which will continue in to 2010. In fact this is the third of 5 oppostions, the first of which marked the financial collapse last autumn, so make of that what you will.

As I said, the next couple of weeks are especially trying for the mutable folks, including me. If I make it to the end of September without the aid of Prozac or some sort of chemical lobotomy then things will be ticking along nicely. Perhaps now is the time to adopt the three tried and tested can’t fail methods I mentioned in a previous Mercury related post:

  1. The duck and cover method
  2. Wear a tin foil hat
  3. Run away and join the circus

If any people with planets and points affected by these events would like to share their experiences I am always excited to hear from people!


  1. Me (July 16 1966) and my dad (December 31 1945) seem pretty cool so far but my mother (February 10 1946) has been slowly tensing up the past couple of weeks and as a result is tensing up me and Dad!

  2. Hmm, although your mum is an Aquarius I just looked up Mars and Venus on that day and she does not have those planets in mutable signs.

    What time zone would she have been born in? Then we should be able to find out her Moon sign.

    However, Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron are all in Aquarius at the moment so this is very significant for your mum ;)

  3. Joining the circus is starting to sound like a pretty good idea... As a Virgo (9.13.67 at 9:19am, Lafayette, IN - USA) I am feeling the pressure coming from everywhere... I know it's time to let go of old ways and move into the new. Part of me feels excited and liberated because of some of the changes occuring in my life, and the rest of me is scared and fearing the unknown. How long will the craziness of these astrological influences last??

  4. Right on!!! Awesome article Bex! We talked about this on my blog. A lobotomy sounds pretty damn good right about now...or maybe just staying in bed util October...but then again Saturn conjuncts my pluto in october....UUUGGGHHHH! lol

  5. my bf a libran who has a venus in virgo broke up with me when mercury was retrograde last may 17 and told me he found someone new a piscean. i still love him but i dont know if i still want him back. im a cap by the way

  6. Just trying to staying low and taking a wait and see attitude. As I mentioned b4, I have both Saturn opposite Uranus rx & Mercury rx conjunct Saturn these patterns natally so being a hermit sound good to me!

  7. Jen, I think you can expect things to settle after your ruler Mercury settles down, by then the Saturn Uranus opposition will have been and gone for the time being.

    Astroblogger, thanks, I am enjoying your blog also - as you already know :) I have been trying to forget about the forthcoming Pluto Saturn conjunction - doh!

    Anon, anyone who messes you around like that is a waste of your time and energy regardless of any astrological influences.

  8. Msfullroller, Things are not so bad! Besides, Uranus may have more interesting plans for you ;)

  9. Mum was born in Elwood,Indiana in the US Eastern Time Zone. She has always been a tense person. It comes in waves and we're experiencing a mild one at the moment. Lol!