Sunday, 6 September 2009

Mercury Retrograde and The Law of Attraction

In case you are wondering why this post comes with a picture of me and a cow it is because I was attempting to communicate and bond with this creature. Mercury is also a planet that rules all forms of communication as well as the mind, logic, short journeys, transportation, reasoning and education.

From tomorrow Mercury will appear to be retracing it’s steps, going backwards in its orbit if you are to observe it from Earth and this phenomena is called a retrograde period (all planets have them).

Perhaps the only thing to do during a Mercury retrograde is to go with the flow and not be too anal about it. Mercury retrograde always seem to create a bit of a buzz online and I can’t help thinking that there may be a degree of self fulfilling prophesy at play here. As the law of attraction states – what we think about most we attract.

Recently I have been reflecting upon the potential dangers of astrology, especially when people blindly follow traditional and accepted notions with no discernment or critical thinking, this kind of blind acceptance leads to fatalistic attitudes and superstition. Such superstitious thinking is extremely harmful to ourselves and others, next time you find yourself entertaining supersticious fancies I would suggest that you think back to the middle ages when nice old ladies that talked to their pet cats were burned at the stake for being witches – I’m sure you get the picture!

However, just in case you remain convinced that some sort of disaster may befall you during Mercury’s current retrograde period I have devised the following: strategies.

  1. The duck and cover method
  2. Wear a tin foil hat
  3. Run away and join the circus

Let’s now take the time to look at how effective each of these strategies may be:

  1. Duck and cover: This has proved to be ineffective in the event of a nuclear bomb exploding and I would not recommend this strategy for dealing with this month’s Mercury Retrograde cycle as it begins on September 7th and ends September 29th. This is far too long to hide underneath something!
  2. Wear a tin foil hat: While making the tin foil hat may be a creatively rewarding pastime and will appeal to the more paranoid among you it could backfire on you. I shall explain; if you hope to protect your brain from any cosmic rays consider the following; antennae are also made of metal and you may end up attracting more cosmic rays thus amplifying the effects of the Mercury Retrograde.
  3. Run away and join the circus: This is my personal favourite, however, as Mercury rules short journeys and travel is one of the things that is often affected during a Mercury Retrograde I'm afraid that you may never even reach the circus.

So, what we need to do is not panic, the trickster Mercury rules two mutable signs, Virgo and Gemini, both known for their dexterity and flexibility, and I think herein is where the solution lies. If we try not to be too rigid in our plans, expect the unexpected and we are prepared to go with the flow we can better deal with any setbacks that we encounter during this period.

Sure, computers misbehave, letters get lost and delays are possible and we might get to work late, but none of these are catastrophic happenings and remember, a Mercury Retrograde is great for going over the fine details of previous projects, you may come across a gem of information you missed first time round.


  1. I like the way you think. My favorite today is that Mercury is in gatorade. I think that about sizes it up. Chill. ps. I'm a Gemini. (twitter/iKeralot)

  2. I like that - Mercury in gatorade, that has made me smile this morning :)

    How very Gemini to leave me your twitter id!

    Thank for your comment, it's peoples comments that make blogging worthwhile!

    Bex :)

  3. As a typical virgoan I see this whole mercury retrograde gubbins as a simple challange of perfection.

    Therfore I am off to the supermarket to bag some tin foil, then it's off to my local duck pond to round up some ducks which I can cover with perfectly formed tinfoil hats. Finally myself and covered ducks are off to join the circus to become star attractions and thus become squillonaires overnight - LoA style.

    If the LoA works why are the men in white coats knocking at my door?

  4. I like the cut of your jib Sean and it is nonsensical ponderings such as yours that make my blogging truly worthwhile :)

    Maybe you read my mind but your comment was excatly the sort of comment I was hoping for so thanks!

    Perhaps the tinfoil head-gear can amplify LoA thus attracting more covered ducks? As for the men in white coats, perhaps you have misunderstood the LoA and have attracted them maybe?

    What would you like to do at the circus? I have always fancied being a human cannon ball.

  5. My ex is a Gemini - May 21st - so he's on the cusp of Taurus. Merc retrogrades wrought havoc on him. Other than that I've personally never really been affected by them. I understand it's unwise to enter into contracts during one so I tend to shy away from that should such an opportunity present itself. Generally they come and then go without incident. :)

  6. I think that those born between the early 70's and 80's will prbably be most affected as tansiting retrograde Mercury will touch their natal Pluto's.

    Gemini's and Virgo's could well be affected too as you say.

    Intrestingly Mecury will be making a conjunction with Saturn during this retrograde period. I feel this could give people a chance to clear out the mental dross and this will be a good time for re-evaluating your progress over the last few months.

    These retorgrade periods are a good time to revisit and reflect.

    Bex x