Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Saturn Vs Uranus - Alchemical Synthesis

The Saturn Uranus opposition is continuing today. Have felt an almost electrical current pass through your body? Due to transiting Uranus forming a conjunction with my Sun in Pisces. I was prepared for the worst, I am pleasantly surprised and I want you all to take advantage of this time to creatively reflect on what areas of your life need changing, be open to all the novel and more left field ideas that fill your mind.

At the same time, realise the value of structure and be prepared to commit yourself to putting your money where your mouth is and turning your genius ideas in to reality, this is what both Saturn and Uranus want for you. I cannot stress how exciting this is and what a great window of astrological opportunity we have at our disposal for the next day or so. I would just like to add that I make no apologies for writing more about this current astrological event.

Saturn Is Not So Bad

Saturn Rules authority figures, discipline, limitations, responsibility, restrictions and this can all seem just too dull, stifling and depressing for words. There is also an association between Saturn and our teeth and bones. If we did not have a skeletal structure we would be nothing more that jelly like lumps with no backbone or hint of character which is a rather disturbing notion.

It is often true that nothing of value in life comes easily and the structure that Saturn provides should be looked on as a form of security; it is comforting and reassuring. Obviously we never want to be told no. We don’t want to work long and hard before we realise our dreams, but that's merely a reflection of our dumbed down, materialistic “got to have it now” Western culture. The good news is that we are free to change our perception at any time and view our lives afresh.

Watch Out For Uranus!

Uranus is a planet that can grant us brilliant flashes of intuition when we are properly attuned to its energy. It stands for individuality, progress and Uranus is also known by some as “the awakener”, it is an unpredictable influence to say the least.

But this is all good no? Well actually it isn’t; when it comes to excitement, be careful what you wish for, because you might actually get it - not all excitement is good excitement! So be warned, not all surprises are nice. If we unable to ground ourselves, take responsibility for ourselves and we have no structure in our lives the influence of Uranus is just as likely to be upsetting, disturbing, very wrong and very weird.


You can have all the sudden insights, flashes of genius and inspiration you like, but unless you are willing to put in the man hours to turn these ideas in to something tangible and physical they remain just that. Abstract concepts floating about in the ether serving no purpose whatsoever. Which a shame really.

Some of our most fruitful and creative ideas are borne out of the sort of inner tension that the Saturn Uranus opposition brings. If we have been good boys and girls and done our homework like diligent students, Saturn will let us out to play. Mean while Uranus is forcing us to think outside the box and is able to fill our little craniums with ideas for re-thinking the old ways of doing things; not simply just for the sake of it, but to give us more tools for building the life that we want for ourselves. We then can synthesize these two energies in to something more harmonious, creative and truly productive. This should be considered a somewhat alchemical process for growth in a spiritual as well as psychological sense.

As Above So Below

So, now that we are armed with the knowledge to proceed with the realisation of our Uranian ideas integrated with self discipline we can build them in to something tangible for ourselves. So let’s have a peek at the news. I think I may have identified a Saturnian vs Uranian theme.

Swine Flu Shock Tactics Mask a Crippled Economy?

When it comes to swine flu I suspect that this is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt by the pharmaceutical industry to sell plenty of anti viral drugs and vaccines to bump up their profits during a recession. We could view Big Pharma as representing a Saturnian archetype, and authority figure. We are told of the dangers of this flu by the so called experts, but common sense tells me that this just another flu virus and besides, regular seasonal flu can kill. We are being shocked in to accepting this in order to line the pockets of rich corporate fat cats who will stop at nothing to acquire yet more sickening amounts of money.

Perhaps even more interesting is the notion that this could all be a nice little media circus style distraction to divert our attention from a crippled world economy which could well be an expression of the very worst aspects of the Saturnian archetype. This system is intrinsically unfair and restricts and enslaves many around the globe in to a life of hardship. From the Uranian perspective it the United Nations are further promoting the World Bank and there have even been calls for a single currency.

One thing’s for sure, these are interesting times and the current economic model is simply not based on a solid foundation and is in need of radical change, which as we know is an expression of the Uranian archetype. People need to be freed and liberated in an economic sense, and I’m sure when Pluto (who is residing in Capricorn) joins in the fun it will be time to strip away outmoded capitalist ways – we can but hope! As I mentioned in my last post, we saw the first news of the financial appeared last autumn during the first exact Saturn Uranus opposition so I am certain that the story is far from over. You input on these matters is greatly appreciated!


  1. Wow...really great article! Good read! Really supplemented my view point on this oppostional energy. Very inspirational!

    I woke up this morning with some really great and sudden flashes of intuition and insight. Unfortunately I didn't write(saturn in virgo) them down! I could kick myself because they were really good too!! I'm racking my brain trying to remember. Oh well!

    Jeez, I'm just pondering this t-square next year when all 3 players line up....nervous and excited to say the least!! Its really gonna be something!

  2. Thanks ever so much, that means a lot you know :)

    Just try to keep a note of your ideas, you should have plenty of them anyway with your Aquarius Sun.

    I have been thinking a lot recetly about zodiac signs and internet use, have you got any views on that? I would say those with prominent air signs would be the most obvious suspects.

    Hmm, that Pluto T square is going to be interesting to be sure. Thanks for stopping by x

  3. Yes, I had to go out today and buy another notebook...I already filled up 2...haha.

    I would say Aquarius and Gemini most definitely! Libra would be next in line I guess because of the air influence...but I suspect they'd be too busy going to social gatherings and!

  4. I agree, Gemini and Aquarius for sure, Librans would love all the schmoozing that goes along with the social networking thing.

    Pisces and Sagittarians as they will talk to anyone!

    Capricorns maybe, for business purposes.

    Scorpios are probably the most likely candidates for internet stalking lol XD