Saturday, 12 September 2009

Astrology and the Art of Romance

Many folk seem to want to know about matters of astrology pertaining to romance, love and the exchange of bodily fluids; this is only natural of course, seeing as we are all in possession of bestial urges as well as a higher mind. It is totally fair to assume that a large proportion of you at any one time might be obsessed with getting your object d'amour in to some situation where:

- They cannot struggle too much

- Their cries for help cannot be heard

- They cannot run away

I like to peruse astrology sites and see what they have to say about astrological love matches. Most of these should be taken with more than a pinch of salt. These are based on the compatibility of two peoples Sun Signs and such a one dimensional interpretation simply doesn't give you any idea of the potential forces at play within a relationship.

If you know your time and date of birth you can look up your rising sign, Moon sign, Venus sign and Mars sign. You might then notice a pattern emerge. You might be a Taurus, but if you have the Moon in Leo and Venus in Gemini then Aquarians, Sagittarians or those of an Aries persuasion may rock your world and for good reason. Yet, if you were to read and believe some of the Sun Sign compatibility interpretations, a Sagittarian, Leo or Aries may be the devil in disguise for a sensual, stead fast Taurean.

A word of advice; collecting birth times and the like from people who catch your fancy is tantamount to stalking and if that’s your thing I can recommend an excellent site for that sort of malarkey and it’s called Facebook.

If you would like to learn more about your Venus, Moon and Mars sign then Cafe Astrology has some charts to look this up as well as lots of other useful information.


  1. Bex
    Ooh...can you do charts? I had a friend once that could, but I lost what he did on me.
    I can tell you that I was born June 7th, 1968 at 3pm. I'd love to know! Btw, thanks for commenting on my blog.

  2. Thanks for thanking me for commenting on your blog and thankyou for commenting on mine!

    I do charts and I also like to read other peoples blogs.

    In an attempt to make something amazing happen in my life I am trying to connect with and exchange ideas/information/good vibes with as many people as possible!

    I have just put contact details up on my profile on blogger, so if you want to email me about a chart you are more than welcome.

    Bex x