Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Venus in Leo

An ex once said to me “it’s all about you isn’t it.” “I’m sorry, was that feeble attempt at sarcasm meant to be some form of insult, because actually I couldn’t agree more!” I thought!

Maybe you think that the writer of this blog is a rather self centred individual, well, what else would you expect from someone with Leo rising (not to mention Venus in Aries) and since when was a sense of self importance a bad thing anyway? Perhaps if we weren’t told from an early age not to blow our own trumpets, to put others first there wouldn’t be so many insecure, down trodden people.

The honest truth is that I have been feeling sorry for myself the last couple of weeks, what with extra work, being poorly and then the revelation hit me. I have Venus in Leo transiting my first house. And as soon as I have got the boring chores out of the way I shall enjoy being in this groove right up until the 17th of September. I strongly suggest that you do the same!

You see, as well as being somewhat pompous, arrogant and a bit of a show off, Leo is also ruled by the Sun and radiates a special sort of warmth. Leo is a fixed fire sign, and a friendship with a Leo is as warm and unrelenting as the hot Sun on a beautiful Summer’s day. Leo’s have creativity and depth that ensures they could never be accused of being superficial. In fact in those with a strong Leo influence emotions are as strong as the midday sun and despite the pomp and ceremony Leo’s are surprisingly vulnerable and they just need to be loved and appreciated.

In addition to the pussy cat there is the flip side to Leo and they make a formidable enemy, well, only an idiot would poke a lion with a big stick. Word of warning, you could well witness the darkest of their darker side if you should encroach in any way upon their home and family. The Lion is a regal creature and their home is their kingdom and they are fiercely loyal and protective.

Venus in Leo is a great time to reflect on your self-worth, give yourself some tlc and it is also a great time to reconnect with your creativity and think about how best to express yourself. Venus in Leo doesn’t want us to be shy, she wants us all to shine, even the wallflowers among us!

She would like to cordially invite us to thoroughly enjoy ourselves and engage in playful and fun filled activities, do things that make us happy and to fully appreciate that we are the centre of our own universes. Get creative and think about what you would most like to manifest in your life, realise the power and beauty of your own creativity!

As Venus is also gracing my first house I feel that I should express my individuality at this time, a tricky aspect with Uranus may put naughty notions in to my mind of streaking through my local Tesco’s but thankfully I have free will, so I am not about to get arrested for indecent exposure any time soon!

During this transit I shall revel in the self love and fully appreciate the more Leonine qualities of my nature and affirm that it is indeed all about me. After all, if I am happy, healthy and well, so are my loved ones – and that my friends, is a truly Leonine sentiment!

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