Saturday, 26 September 2009

Are You Looking After Your Moon?

How are you feeling at the moment? Are your emotional needs being met? The Moon in astrology is the ruler of the crab Cancer and represents the maternal archetype and so, in order to understand how we must best nurture ourselves we turn our attention to the Moon.

Having been increasingly cranky, restless, irritable and fighting the urge to quit my job and run away to join the circus I realised just in the nick of time that I had been neglecting my poor Sagittarian Moon. My poor Moon had spent the last month or so locked up in a cage with no fun, he had been sadly neglected, and I had not been taking him out for his regular exercise!

I often think of a person’s Moon representing their animal nature, some may call it the Id, whatever way you want to look at it the messy fact remains that the emotional side of our nature is ever present and not always rational. To think that we can ignore it, repress it or simply beat and/or starve it in to submission is mere folly.

I like to look upon my Sagittarius Moon as a playful mostly benign beast who demands constant attention, play, exercise and the occasional live kill in order to keep him happy. He is also a 5th house Moon, so, as Leo is associated with the 5th house, again, he demands attention and an outlet for his creativity and really does believe that the world revolves around him. Why am I referring to my Sagittarian 5th house Moon as a male entity and in the third person – simply because these astrological shenanigans are symbolic archetypes and this seems to fit.

In order to feel ok with life I need to look after my Moon, Sagittarius loves exercise and the outdoors, so getting out for regular runs around the forest trails where I live is a top priority. He is a sociable Moon, so he needs to get out and see old friends and meet new people. He is also a restless Moon, so gets bored very easily so he needs me to shake things up for him once in a while.

When his needs are not being met he gets short tempered, fidgety and however hard I try to lock him in the naughty closet in the back of my subconscious mind he will find a way out and start causing trouble of some sort!

So, the lesson here is to honour your Moon sign and indulge them with what makes them feel good, because, guess what – this also what feels good to you! How do you look after your Moon?


  1. Nice post - my Taurus Moon likes comfort, beautiful things and pleasure, it needs to feel it 'has enough' and loves food. It needs to spend time immersed in nature too.

    As it is also in the 12th house it needs a safe place to retreat to and time to be away from the hustle and bustle of the 'outside' world.

    Thanks for the reminder to look after my moon - I think I will go and get myself something to eat. ;-)

  2. Thanks for commenting Susannah, sometimes our Moons get overlooked with day to day life, I can imagine a Taurus Moon would like to get out in the garden and do some pottering, then come back inside to their lovely tranquil house for something good to eat!

    I am taking my walky talkies in to the forest this afternoon for a game of hide n seek, so that will keep my Sagittarian Moon entertained!

    It's funny, because if people neglected their pets and children as much as they neglected their inner nature they would become social pariahs, yet this neglect of ones own needs is viewed as totally acceptable, it's an odd world that we live in!

  3. I think that is a really good point that you make about people neglecting their inner nature and it being socially acceptable - even encouraged! Crazy isn't it!

    My Taurus Moon sometimes has trouble from my Gemini Ascendant and Leo Sun/Uranus as they don't always appreciate my Taurus Moons need for stability and quiet time!

    Glad you are entertaining your moon this afternoon - well done. :-)

    (Thanks for the comment on my Joy frequencies blog)

  4. And thanks for your comments, it is the comments that make blogging worthwile for me, as it is always great to hear other peoples opinions and get a discussion going, that's what it's all about :)

    Sometimes My Moon clashes with my Pisces Sun and especially with my Saturn sitting on my ascendant - it leads to an internal dialogue that goes along the lines of Saturn; "you can't do that it's irresponsible" Sagittarius; "but I'm sooo bored!" Saturn; "at least have the decency to tell them why you are about to be such an arse then" Sagittarius; "I'll tell 'em alright" Pisces; "hang on a minute, that's going to hurt their feelings"....and so on.

    I wish you a thoroughly enjoyable day and I hope you have time to indulge your Moon a little ;)


  5. That was great!! Good timing for that article..I have been neglecting my moon and she's been nagging at me recently. Its in the 4th house and i've been feeling pulled to cook more lately - very relaxing for me. I also notice I feel good when surrounded by a sense of ease and contentment. Its also in maybe I should go rent some scarey! Just as long as I'm home reclusing....

  6. hi, masonfreeparty here...i used to post on the david icke forum many moons ago before i got banned for life :-).Anyway i'm pisces moon and really feeling the effects of this opposition..i've also got mars/saturn exact conjunct in saggi...i've never felt this alone for a long while,being an Aquarian i usually cope and trying to divert most of my energy into getting the real 911 truth know Dr Judy Wood stuff..i'd love to know what sign she is...also a gal called PRI01 on the icke forum who i'd like to get in touch with but mercury is putting the mockers on that...and if anyone knows what Rik Clays birthdate was,his death had a big effect on coincided when i got evicted last year when saturn made an exact opposition to my moon in pisces..saturn you are such a satanic bitch sometimes!

  7. hi, masonfreeparty,

    out of interest, what were you banned for? Just out of curiosity.

    So, Saturn in opposition to your moon, eh. Saturn is not such a horrid old beast, I have my Natal Saturn in Leo Conjucnt my Ascendant and I have grown from a very shy, quiet, studious and sensible child in to the sort of lady who just doesn't care what people think. I had years of restriction and I feel that many of those said restrictions are falling away since Saturn moved out of my 1st house and in to Virgo and my second.

    I don't know the date of Rick Clays birth I'm afraid. Aquarians rock dude, my son is an Aquarian, I think they are a lot more squishy and emotional than most astrologers let on. I also have a soft spot for Geminis, Leo's and Aries folk rock my boat too, in fact I like all signs :D

    Astrogirl, I am glad you enjoyed that. having a fourth house and watery Moon I should think that you are especially in tune with your Moon :)

    Curl up on your sofa in front of a scary movie! Absolutely. I played hide and seek in the forest today with my partner and son and took photos of the autumn leaves, a very 5th house day all in all, so my Moon is pleased with that. Thanks for stopping by x

  8. Hi Bex,good question be honest i'm not really sure but i think it came to a head when i put my contact details,name,address,telephone number on the forum and suggested mods do the same..i like openess..within 5 mins of doing that i got a call from someone claiming to be a mason and said he didnt like what i was banned soon after.I also had physical threats from a certain poster and constant abuse because of my views on 911..i think/know dr judy wood is right,she is completely ignored and ridiculed.

    Like yourself i've got saturn near my ascendent in the 12th and was very shy until well into my twenties...had a phobia about answering telephones and general communication very poor so the internet has really helped me in a way but i tend to go over the top now..saturn on my mars too is a difficult combination,feel like a dog chained up sometimes...maybe i was in a past life,hence years of solitary seclusion?
    Nowdays though i dont put so much emphasis on our solar system astrology..its a big universe out there so why limit ourselves?

  9. Hmm, interesting things afoot on the forum. I have not been on there myself recently, I have been to busy working and getting taking my Moon out for his regular exercise!

    It has been an interesting time for Pisceans and Virgos, also Gemini's and Saggies too! Please do keep in touch and let me know how you are getting on. Thanks for stopping by x