Monday, 7 September 2009

Mutable Appreciation

In case you haven't been enjoying the sunny Venus in Leo transit, I would like to once again reiterate that you should take advantage of the increased creativity and make the most of this favourable period for all artistic endeavours.

I was thrilled to find that I had not one - but two people comment on my Mercury and Law of attraction post which is about the Mercury "gatorade" and this is most synchronistic as one person was a Gemini and the other a Virgo. I am a Pisces and all I need now is for a wandering Sagittarian to comment and we will then be able to form some sort of cyber mutable appreciation society! Could things get any more Mercurial, all happening online in the bloggersphere too, if you have any doubts as to the validity of astrology, this must surely be evidence that it expresses a higher truth!

What made my day was the Gemini leaving their twitter id, and on a post about the planet Mercury too, does it get any better than that? Well, when I saw the comment from the Virgo gentleman about his tinfoil hat duck covering circus antics I thought it was Christmas, Easter and my birthday rolled in to one big glorious day!

Mutable signs are generally the curious, dexterous, flexible, flighty social signs. If there is an obstacle they simply change course, where a cardinal sign would seek to win the battle, or the fixed sign would spend the next 6 months climbing over it a mutable sign veers off on another course to pastures new. Pretty soon the obstacle that caused the radical departure is forgotten and there are new tangents ahead! It's good to be flexible and open to new possibilities. When you think about mutable signs think movement, change, flux, bending and flowing.

So far the Mercury retrograde is going well for me, as the planet of logic and reasoning moves backwards I feel rather oblivious to this. As a Piscean with my natal Mercury in Pisces I live in a constant woolly minded state of confusion, most days I leave the house without an essential item and I can't even remember what happened last Tuesday, I just go with the flow and trust that the universe is unfolding the way it should and I feel no concern about the possible miss-haps of a Mercury retrograde. My life is a never ending ebb and flow of losing things, being late for things, forgetting things, being late, things turning up, things being remembered, such is the way of the creative mind.

So, perhaps we could start collecting comments from the other signs of the zodiac on the current Mercury retrograde, has anyone else considered the tinfoil hat option or is it just our Virgo friend so far?


  1. I, too, have my natal Mercury in Pisces; last half degree but definitely Pisces...

    Plus, my Moon is padded on both sides--Neptune retro on one side and Jupiter retro on the other...

    Pure SpaceCadet!

    BTW, I added your blog to my blog roll on Astrological Repair Manual...

  2. Thanks very much Alexander, I am very pleased as I am an admirer of your blog as you know.

    I see that you understand the SpaceCadet situation, I think Mercury in Pisces makes for a peculiar sort of branching logic. When people talk about being in 2 minds about something, Mercury in Pisces is more like being in 8 minds about something while simultaneously weighing up the pros and cons of every possible outcome. No wonder we can seem a little spaced out.

    I am new to this blogging thing and I love it when people comment, it reminds me of coming down the stairs at Christmas when I was a wee nipper and finding pressies waiting to be unwrapped!

    I get very excited when I get comments It makes the rather lonely passtime of blogging sociable and it's great to get a dialogue going with other astrolisers. It also makes my day so thanks!

  3. Thank for your wonderful insight to Mercury in I understand why I feel spaced out at times.

  4. Yes, it can make people a little spaced out, however it is also a creative influence :)