Tuesday 6 October 2009

Astrology and Exercise

As most bloggers do I like to keep an eye on the people who arrive at Bex’s blog through their Google searches. I have yet to see anyone arrive at my blog through any amusing and/or incongruous searches – but that is only a matter of time and to be honest I am gleefully awaiting that particular day.

However, one thing caught my eye; someone had searched for “Sagittarius and exercise”. Now, I am no expert on medical astrology, but I do know that exercise is vital in maintaining sound physical, mental and spiritual health for natives of all the zodiacs signs.

Sure I could write a post on how Aries people should do something competitive; Aquarians should take up some sort of wacky extreme sport while Cancers and Pisceans adopt a more gentle exercise regime involving water or swimming. I’m not going to do that, because to be honest that has been done so many times before that it is a bit boring really; and despite my passion for all things astrological I am unable to endorse such sweeping generalisations. If I went down that route before long I would probably be tempted to start offering beauty tips and articles titled “10 ways to please your man” I think you catch my drift no!

The truth is that people just need to get off their posteriors and go outside for a walk, run, play some tennis or whatever takes their fancy. Strange as it may seem for an astrology blogger I don’t think one can prescribe a mode of exercise using astrology – although if anyone wants to debate this matter with me please feel free to do so.

I am a Piscean and I hate swimming, the very idea of flailing about in chlorinated water makes me shudder, I wouldn’t seriously entertain the idea of a dance class or any other supposedly Piscean fitness based activities. If anyone suggested to me I should take up these fitness activities because of astrology I would surely mock them!

If a form of exercise doesn’t involve pushing myself to my limit and getting very hot, sweaty, out of breath and preferably being outdoors I am not interested thanks. When it comes to exercise the way forward is to do what you really want to do, that way you are more likely to stick with it. Getting plenty of exercise is of prime importance, it is the difference between being a wolf and becoming some lame kind of lapdog. Obviously the wolf is much cooler.

So today’s lesson is don’t make all your decisions based on astrology – think for yourselves dammit! Also, feel free to let me know how you keep fit and whether you feel it reflects you Sun sign.

Monday 5 October 2009

Martian Adventures

Imagine the God of War and the planetary archetype that governs our drive to succeed conquer and dominate as well as our sexuality in perhaps one of the most girly of all astrological signs.

Well, why don’t we just completely emasculate the poor chap, slap some lippy on him, stick a pair of tights on him, call him Shirley and have done with it! While we’re at it we might as well bitch slap him, force him to wear a pini, and tell him to “get in the kitchen and cook us some goddam pie!”

Call Him Shirley?

When we are faced with obstacles, challenges and the pursuit of our desires Mars the god of war comes in to his own. And let me tell you, he has not been at ease while in the sign of Cancer. Perhaps the endless weeks of soft furnishings were too much to bear. Perhaps being forced to spend day after cooking and considering others (Mars rolls eyes) alongside other essentially feminine and un-Martian activities have been a complete travesty in the eyes of favourite warrior god.

Prepare to be Revitalised

If you have been feeling a little drained and jaded and in need of a little pep there is good news around the corner, we should soon be receiving renewed energy. The good news is that this doesn’t involve any harmful stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine or crystal meth, but this bolt of energy will be of celestial origin as Mars charges onwards in to the sign of the Lion.

Being one of the masculine signs Leo the fixed fire sign is ruled by the Sun and he is well equipped to be a gracious host for an eight month long Martian visit. This is most fortuitous news indeed, especially for all those with a planets and points in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Those who are heavy on the air signs will notice they have more get up and go than they have done in a while – since Mars was in Gemini to be precise. The date for the start of his Leo adventures is October the 16th and as Leo is a fixed sign the Martian energy will be enduring, relentless and fiery, what more could you possibly ask for?

Don't be Selfish

My only caveat here is that Leo and Mars both have a reputation for being a teeny bit on the self centred side, so while this influence is favourable for self satisfaction – and the importance of this can never be overemphasised, we must take care not to trample on people en-route to the fulfilment of our ambitions!

Feeling Fruity

As far as the “man/lady stuff” goes those with an emphasis on air and fire in their chart should be feeling more potent, libido should increase, and you may feel a good deal fruitier than you have been in a while - good times ahead I think!

What about You?

I have my ascendant in the sign of the king and that's Leo and not Elvis - just to make that clear. I am anticipating a good time ahead to work on my own heart felt ambitions over the next few months. How are you anticipating this Mars Leo transit to affect you?

Saturday 26 September 2009

Are You Looking After Your Moon?

How are you feeling at the moment? Are your emotional needs being met? The Moon in astrology is the ruler of the crab Cancer and represents the maternal archetype and so, in order to understand how we must best nurture ourselves we turn our attention to the Moon.

Having been increasingly cranky, restless, irritable and fighting the urge to quit my job and run away to join the circus I realised just in the nick of time that I had been neglecting my poor Sagittarian Moon. My poor Moon had spent the last month or so locked up in a cage with no fun, he had been sadly neglected, and I had not been taking him out for his regular exercise!

I often think of a person’s Moon representing their animal nature, some may call it the Id, whatever way you want to look at it the messy fact remains that the emotional side of our nature is ever present and not always rational. To think that we can ignore it, repress it or simply beat and/or starve it in to submission is mere folly.

I like to look upon my Sagittarius Moon as a playful mostly benign beast who demands constant attention, play, exercise and the occasional live kill in order to keep him happy. He is also a 5th house Moon, so, as Leo is associated with the 5th house, again, he demands attention and an outlet for his creativity and really does believe that the world revolves around him. Why am I referring to my Sagittarian 5th house Moon as a male entity and in the third person – simply because these astrological shenanigans are symbolic archetypes and this seems to fit.

In order to feel ok with life I need to look after my Moon, Sagittarius loves exercise and the outdoors, so getting out for regular runs around the forest trails where I live is a top priority. He is a sociable Moon, so he needs to get out and see old friends and meet new people. He is also a restless Moon, so gets bored very easily so he needs me to shake things up for him once in a while.

When his needs are not being met he gets short tempered, fidgety and however hard I try to lock him in the naughty closet in the back of my subconscious mind he will find a way out and start causing trouble of some sort!

So, the lesson here is to honour your Moon sign and indulge them with what makes them feel good, because, guess what – this also what feels good to you! How do you look after your Moon?

Wednesday 16 September 2009

Saturn Vs Uranus - Alchemical Synthesis

The Saturn Uranus opposition is continuing today. Have felt an almost electrical current pass through your body? Due to transiting Uranus forming a conjunction with my Sun in Pisces. I was prepared for the worst, I am pleasantly surprised and I want you all to take advantage of this time to creatively reflect on what areas of your life need changing, be open to all the novel and more left field ideas that fill your mind.

At the same time, realise the value of structure and be prepared to commit yourself to putting your money where your mouth is and turning your genius ideas in to reality, this is what both Saturn and Uranus want for you. I cannot stress how exciting this is and what a great window of astrological opportunity we have at our disposal for the next day or so. I would just like to add that I make no apologies for writing more about this current astrological event.

Saturn Is Not So Bad

Saturn Rules authority figures, discipline, limitations, responsibility, restrictions and this can all seem just too dull, stifling and depressing for words. There is also an association between Saturn and our teeth and bones. If we did not have a skeletal structure we would be nothing more that jelly like lumps with no backbone or hint of character which is a rather disturbing notion.

It is often true that nothing of value in life comes easily and the structure that Saturn provides should be looked on as a form of security; it is comforting and reassuring. Obviously we never want to be told no. We don’t want to work long and hard before we realise our dreams, but that's merely a reflection of our dumbed down, materialistic “got to have it now” Western culture. The good news is that we are free to change our perception at any time and view our lives afresh.

Watch Out For Uranus!

Uranus is a planet that can grant us brilliant flashes of intuition when we are properly attuned to its energy. It stands for individuality, progress and Uranus is also known by some as “the awakener”, it is an unpredictable influence to say the least.

But this is all good no? Well actually it isn’t; when it comes to excitement, be careful what you wish for, because you might actually get it - not all excitement is good excitement! So be warned, not all surprises are nice. If we unable to ground ourselves, take responsibility for ourselves and we have no structure in our lives the influence of Uranus is just as likely to be upsetting, disturbing, very wrong and very weird.


You can have all the sudden insights, flashes of genius and inspiration you like, but unless you are willing to put in the man hours to turn these ideas in to something tangible and physical they remain just that. Abstract concepts floating about in the ether serving no purpose whatsoever. Which a shame really.

Some of our most fruitful and creative ideas are borne out of the sort of inner tension that the Saturn Uranus opposition brings. If we have been good boys and girls and done our homework like diligent students, Saturn will let us out to play. Mean while Uranus is forcing us to think outside the box and is able to fill our little craniums with ideas for re-thinking the old ways of doing things; not simply just for the sake of it, but to give us more tools for building the life that we want for ourselves. We then can synthesize these two energies in to something more harmonious, creative and truly productive. This should be considered a somewhat alchemical process for growth in a spiritual as well as psychological sense.

As Above So Below

So, now that we are armed with the knowledge to proceed with the realisation of our Uranian ideas integrated with self discipline we can build them in to something tangible for ourselves. So let’s have a peek at the news. I think I may have identified a Saturnian vs Uranian theme.

Swine Flu Shock Tactics Mask a Crippled Economy?

When it comes to swine flu I suspect that this is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt by the pharmaceutical industry to sell plenty of anti viral drugs and vaccines to bump up their profits during a recession. We could view Big Pharma as representing a Saturnian archetype, and authority figure. We are told of the dangers of this flu by the so called experts, but common sense tells me that this just another flu virus and besides, regular seasonal flu can kill. We are being shocked in to accepting this in order to line the pockets of rich corporate fat cats who will stop at nothing to acquire yet more sickening amounts of money.

Perhaps even more interesting is the notion that this could all be a nice little media circus style distraction to divert our attention from a crippled world economy which could well be an expression of the very worst aspects of the Saturnian archetype. This system is intrinsically unfair and restricts and enslaves many around the globe in to a life of hardship. From the Uranian perspective it the United Nations are further promoting the World Bank and there have even been calls for a single currency.

One thing’s for sure, these are interesting times and the current economic model is simply not based on a solid foundation and is in need of radical change, which as we know is an expression of the Uranian archetype. People need to be freed and liberated in an economic sense, and I’m sure when Pluto (who is residing in Capricorn) joins in the fun it will be time to strip away outmoded capitalist ways – we can but hope! As I mentioned in my last post, we saw the first news of the financial appeared last autumn during the first exact Saturn Uranus opposition so I am certain that the story is far from over. You input on these matters is greatly appreciated!

Monday 14 September 2009

Tales from Uranus II - watch out Pisces & Virgo!

As if the Mercury retrograde isn’t fun and games enough, the trickster is hell bent on causing yet more of his Mercurial shenanigans as he passes through Virgo getting caught in the cross fire of the current Saturn in Virgo versus Uranus in Pisces showdown. As some of you already know the Sun is also enjoying his annual sojourn in the sign of the Virgin at this very moment. So, this is interesting astro babble indeed for those with planets and points in Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius!

But of course, you need dates, you need times; so let’s break this down in to a nice little timeline in a dates for your diary type semi-orderly fashion!

Uranus Saturn Opposition

Set to occur on the 15th September, these two heavy weights are caught up in a face off and if you can imagine this in the context of immovable masculine, authoritarian traditionalist meets innovative, eccentric liberator then you will have a basic grasp of this dichotomy! This really is a tug of war; do we continue with what we are doing? Is it flogging the proverbial deceased horse or will it eventually yield the results that we are intending? However, maybe a good old two finger salute to the tried and tested way of doing things is the order of the day.

Seeing as I am a Pisces born 11th March this is a little too close to home for me and I am already feeling the tension, on the verge of some sort of eruption I would not care to give advice to anyone at present. Suffice to say that I shall be happy if I make it to Sept 23rd with my sanity intact!

Mercury in to Virgo & Mercury Pluto Square

Sept 17th is the day when Mercury slips back in to Virgo possibly bringing some troubling hitches of a pedantic detail orientated nature. It is also the day when the Pluto Mercury square occurs, this could force unresolved issues to the surface so be warned! This is a revisit of the same aspect made while Mercury was in direct motion, I see this a fortuitous time to re-evaluate and to finally get to the bottom of an uncomfortable matter. If you are not sure of what that is now, don’t worry, I am certain it will become clear enough!

Mercury Conjunct Saturn Opposite Uranus

Mercury will be in the midst of the Uranus and Saturn opposition on the 22nd and 23rd September, needless to say, those with planets and points in Pisces and Virgo and the other mutable signs should fasten their cosmic seatbelts.

On one hand this may be a rather sobering influence and one would hope that it would point to a reality check. Not always the most pleasant of things, but useful none the less. However, as intellectual thought processes are steadied with the Saturnine structure, limitations and rationality there is a pull from Uranus. No, I’m not trying to be funny! Uranus is the absolutely busting to blow the restrictions away and do something truly original and amazing. However, please don’t take that as carte blanche to do anything rash as Uranus is just as likely to want to do something that is just plain bizarre and reckless which will do you no favours at all.

When two planetary heavy weights are battling it out in such a way, and I say battling as their energies are so different, we all feel it. This is a theme that began in autumn 2008 and which will continue in to 2010. In fact this is the third of 5 oppostions, the first of which marked the financial collapse last autumn, so make of that what you will.

As I said, the next couple of weeks are especially trying for the mutable folks, including me. If I make it to the end of September without the aid of Prozac or some sort of chemical lobotomy then things will be ticking along nicely. Perhaps now is the time to adopt the three tried and tested can’t fail methods I mentioned in a previous Mercury related post:

  1. The duck and cover method
  2. Wear a tin foil hat
  3. Run away and join the circus

If any people with planets and points affected by these events would like to share their experiences I am always excited to hear from people!

Saturday 12 September 2009

Astrology and the Art of Romance

Many folk seem to want to know about matters of astrology pertaining to romance, love and the exchange of bodily fluids; this is only natural of course, seeing as we are all in possession of bestial urges as well as a higher mind. It is totally fair to assume that a large proportion of you at any one time might be obsessed with getting your object d'amour in to some situation where:

- They cannot struggle too much

- Their cries for help cannot be heard

- They cannot run away

I like to peruse astrology sites and see what they have to say about astrological love matches. Most of these should be taken with more than a pinch of salt. These are based on the compatibility of two peoples Sun Signs and such a one dimensional interpretation simply doesn't give you any idea of the potential forces at play within a relationship.

If you know your time and date of birth you can look up your rising sign, Moon sign, Venus sign and Mars sign. You might then notice a pattern emerge. You might be a Taurus, but if you have the Moon in Leo and Venus in Gemini then Aquarians, Sagittarians or those of an Aries persuasion may rock your world and for good reason. Yet, if you were to read and believe some of the Sun Sign compatibility interpretations, a Sagittarian, Leo or Aries may be the devil in disguise for a sensual, stead fast Taurean.

A word of advice; collecting birth times and the like from people who catch your fancy is tantamount to stalking and if that’s your thing I can recommend an excellent site for that sort of malarkey and it’s called Facebook.

If you would like to learn more about your Venus, Moon and Mars sign then Cafe Astrology has some charts to look this up as well as lots of other useful information.

Thursday 10 September 2009

Caught Out by Trickster Mercury!

It is no fun for the Sagittarian Moon native to find themselves stuck in any rut-like situation and I am no exception, perhaps my glib jibes about the Mercury retrograde came back to haunt me and caught me by surprise yesterday! A sudden realisation hit me that when Mercury stationed it was conjunct my natal Pluto and is now re-tracing its step through Libra and back in to Virgo forcing m to re-examine the last few weeks. Much in the way one is forced to tweeze a bit of gravel from a nasy cut my old friend Pluto is forcing me to get real about promises I made to myself a couple of months ago, along with the coming Saturn, Mercury, Sun conjunction I am in for some good wholesome purging fun!

Always being one for the tried and tested kill or cure method I feel the influences will be more than favourable for cutting the crap and seeing a situation for what it is.

No wonder then that a re-occurrence of troublesome feelings and circumstances should crop up again. Now that is a Mercury Retrograde in action I am once again finding myself in a rather joyless work situation of late has made me feel increasingly restless, irritable and confined - hence my comment in a previous post about running away to join the circus. The circus is my favourite fantasy when the unbearable grind of mundane petty chores becomes too much to bear. Do they not understand that my Sagittarius moon does not do petty detail! The very act of dotting the crossing the i’s and dotting the t’s makes me that bored that I can’t even bring myself to write that sentence properly through utter disdain. There, I had to muddle it up to make it more interesting. In fact, I am currently waiting for something amazing to happen and I am so frustrated I feel as though I am about to burst! I am always nosey about other people’s charts and what might be going on for them that I seldom bother to look at my own.

This weekend will be different as I have been set a challenge by an Aries gentleman to calculate my current transits using the B.I.D.E technique of astrology, sounds exciting eh? If that tickles you fancy why not mosey on over to the Astrological Repair Manual blog and check it out for yourself!

Whenever I feel on the verge of following the circus dream I call my father, a Libran who can give advice that is so detached and objective that sometimes I get really wound up! He is perhaps the only person able to talk sense in to me in my irrational moments.

Signs that are of the air element are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius and these are said to be the most sociable, urbane, logical signs; able to be cool, analytical and detached. Of course, my father does his fair share of ranting and can be rather blunt at times, but as you would expect he is a sociable soul and is a keen blogger. You can see some excellent examples of my dads swearing and political commentary; it is most amusing. Simply visit Hundreds and Thousands on the Trifle of Life

Air sign people do have an excellent penchant for logic and a handle on their emotions, a trait which I am rather envious of. Having a large amount of fire and good amount of water in my natal chart makes for a somewhat highly strung volatile nature and a nervous disposition, I tend to feel my way through life and the concept of detaching from my emotions is completely alien to me. All nearest and dearest are air signs, I have two Libran parents, a Gemini partner and I am blessed with a beautiful Aquarius son!

Sometimes when you read descriptions of air signs with their aloofness and lack of emotional substance they sound rather like Mr Spock. This of course is a complete nonsense, my Aquarius son is a complete softy and is ever so sensitive. His theatrical and flamboyant Leo Moon is apparent as soon as you meet him, his Natal Sun, Uranus and Mercury conjunction means that he is a true individual. How many 10 year olds tell you that they want to join the mafia and change their name to Vinnie Fontaine. How many 10 year olds join their school council at their new school with the intention of bringing down the system from within? In fact, he got on the school council at his old school for that exact same reason, once he realised he had no power to change the status quo he became disillusioned and left the school council in disgust! Such is the way of politics.

It is times like this when I feel secretly proud that my son has such a strong sense of himself and his individuality, he will always march to the beat of his own drum. It is flashes of pure outlandish genius and a stubborn refusal to bow to convention that captures the essence of Aquarius for me, not emotional detachment or cool logic.

I will be returning to my home town next week to reconnect with some old friends this weekend, it will be good to catch up with some old pals and of course my two lovely Libran parents. I can't wait!