Tuesday 6 October 2009

Astrology and Exercise

As most bloggers do I like to keep an eye on the people who arrive at Bex’s blog through their Google searches. I have yet to see anyone arrive at my blog through any amusing and/or incongruous searches – but that is only a matter of time and to be honest I am gleefully awaiting that particular day.

However, one thing caught my eye; someone had searched for “Sagittarius and exercise”. Now, I am no expert on medical astrology, but I do know that exercise is vital in maintaining sound physical, mental and spiritual health for natives of all the zodiacs signs.

Sure I could write a post on how Aries people should do something competitive; Aquarians should take up some sort of wacky extreme sport while Cancers and Pisceans adopt a more gentle exercise regime involving water or swimming. I’m not going to do that, because to be honest that has been done so many times before that it is a bit boring really; and despite my passion for all things astrological I am unable to endorse such sweeping generalisations. If I went down that route before long I would probably be tempted to start offering beauty tips and articles titled “10 ways to please your man” I think you catch my drift no!

The truth is that people just need to get off their posteriors and go outside for a walk, run, play some tennis or whatever takes their fancy. Strange as it may seem for an astrology blogger I don’t think one can prescribe a mode of exercise using astrology – although if anyone wants to debate this matter with me please feel free to do so.

I am a Piscean and I hate swimming, the very idea of flailing about in chlorinated water makes me shudder, I wouldn’t seriously entertain the idea of a dance class or any other supposedly Piscean fitness based activities. If anyone suggested to me I should take up these fitness activities because of astrology I would surely mock them!

If a form of exercise doesn’t involve pushing myself to my limit and getting very hot, sweaty, out of breath and preferably being outdoors I am not interested thanks. When it comes to exercise the way forward is to do what you really want to do, that way you are more likely to stick with it. Getting plenty of exercise is of prime importance, it is the difference between being a wolf and becoming some lame kind of lapdog. Obviously the wolf is much cooler.

So today’s lesson is don’t make all your decisions based on astrology – think for yourselves dammit! Also, feel free to let me know how you keep fit and whether you feel it reflects you Sun sign.


  1. My Aries Sun loves to dance, bike ride (can't do that safely where I live...not that much of a daredevil lol )and play volleyball for exercise. As far as competition, it has to be friendly as in challenging not combative. I'm not into winning at all costs or cheating whether from my end or the other person/team. Love swimming too though I have not been swimming for 20 years. It'll be awhile b4 anyone sees this bod in a swimsuit. ;-) My ultimate favorite is bike riding alongside a river or lake.

  2. I agree with you that Sun Sign astrology is overdone, but it can be helpful in the overall picture when deciding what sort of exercise is best for you. However, like all things based only on the Sun sign, it is often vague and generalized. There are always more details to be found by looking at the entire chart.

    To really get a better idea on the form of exercise best suited for you, you need to look at where the Sun is and its ruler, the first house and the sixth house, not to mention their rulers. If you have any planets in these houses, you'll have to examine them and their rulers as well. In addition, you have to contemplate all the aspects made between these. It's truly much more detailed and complicated then a simple Sun Sign.

    The problem of finding information that specific on the Internet of course is that you just can't. It's too specific and personalized. But, that is why one goes to a professional astrologer, right?

    By the way, I'm a Pisces too. Generally speaking, Sun Sign Pisces are known for their natural laziness. Getting us moving will take much more than a Sun Sign placement. :-)

  3. Hi Bex ! I just stumbled upon your blog and it looks really interesting, in the way that you seem to speak differently about astrology, as an ingredient blended with other aspects of life. But I'm just quickly glancing, not reading too much yet.

    I can't seem to find the info whether you are a tropicalist or siderealist.

    But checking on your profile, looking at the “vibe” of your profile pic, and even connecting to the inspiration in writing this comment (the way I express myself with you), leads me to the conclusion that you are probably born before March 15, thus making you Aquarius.

    I use, obviously, the Sidereal zodiac.

    The “vibe” I captured, contained some more “masculine” energy, or Yang, if you prefer, so to speak, that I use to contrast with the sensibilities otherwise seen in Pisces (think Mariah Carey, Elton John, Chris Martin of Coldplay).

    I'd be glad to have wrongly guessed though =)

    Cheers !

  4. Hi, thanks for commenting on my neglected blog, you may have given me the much needed impetus to start writing once again, yes, I am a March 11th birthday, yes, I am more Yang, but I always put that down to my Leo Acsendant and Sag Moon, I have considered using the Sidereal method, but that would require re-thinking my entire outlook.

    Omg, maybe I am an aquarius after all, that would explain why I am so fixed in my ideas and stubbornly stick to the tropical method ;-)

    Do you have your own blog? Maybe I could check it out?

    I think astrology should be blended with other aspects of life, nothing exists in a vacume and what is the point of using it as a tool if we cannot integrate it in to our experience?

    However, you have got me worried now, maybe I am using the wrong method, the notion of chenging start sign at my age is something that will take a bit of getting used too, thanks for taking the time to comment!

  5. Happy that my comment was useful to you =)

    You can start looking things using not only a fresher perspective but i.m.o. a well-corrected one !

    As in any truth, it lies within, we hold every keys, presumably, and only we can find the matching locks. The quest is the most rewarding, and the days onwards should provide more and more proofs or affirmations one way or the other. You're definitely in better position to know what really is Aquarius, aren't you, Ms. Bex ?

    New seeds are planted with every change we make, and we're as young as our minds can be, and as dynamic as our spirits breathe life.

    As it's mainly the zodiac that differs, the methodology may not need much of a change, except that I noticed that the path becomes more scientific, demanding more astronomical accuracy, which shouldn't be a problem for an Aquarius mind.

    I'm not too much younger than you and having made the switch a few years back, I kinda left it there, as for me, astrology has been more of a mental-analytical and spiritual exercise, rather than a art or a technical one.

    The basic descriptive notions of each sign should remain the same, but once the paradigm switched, we come to see under a new light each sign's manifestation in people. The view is so clear, it just fits without the need to add confusing and misleading things such as decanates, or other escapist theories and biases whenever the sun sign archetype doesn't match a person's individuality.

    For instance, we understand now the truly combative and often violent drive of the Aries once we put Hitler, Saddam Hussein and war actor + repeat sex symbol George Clooney under the same sign. And how tropical Geminis can gather so many beautiful, musical and/or emanating an aura of sensuality and tranquility in people such as Johnny Depp or Elizabeth Hurley while they are of course Taurus. Putting Aries in its place pacifies the image we have of Taurus.

    We understand the notion of self-sacrifice, the ultimate act of compassion, in Pisces such as Heath Ledger, or their “cosmetic”, Neptunian abilities in either the acting position, or the director's position in film making.

    Kurt Cobain loved humanity, but hated people. He epitomized rock for his entire generation, driven by the electrical, drastic mover Uranus.

    And so on...

    I tend towards Western Astrology instead of Jyotish or Vedic as it is too fatalistic philosophically. But one is free to develop any combination of the tools available. I am not an astrologer, nor write any blog, but thanks to bloggers like you, I learn a fair lot =)

    You must be aware that making the switch will make you discordant against some strong opposition but they either don't know any better, or are simply frauds (dishonest). Seasonology, since it's based on seasons (on the Northern Hemisphere!) is not astrology.

    Thank you for your open mind. I wish you best of years on your continuing journey.

  6. Hello there!

    I came across your blog from David Icke's site and I just wanted to say that your post gave me a chuckle :) hehe I am a Pisces and I definitely opt for more gentle forms of exercise, as that it just my nature. But yes I agree...don't rely completely on astrology for everything...as you said, "think for yourself dammit!" hehe :) well look forward to reading more of your blog in the future!