Monday, 29 June 2009

Tales from Uranus

If you have stumbled upon my new astrology blog I would like to say hello and welcome. The title of my first post may have caught your attention, possibly in the wrong way, but in the true Uranian spirit I secretly hoped that the puerile play on words may contain some sort of shock value if only for my own sordid amusement.

But enough small talk. In case you have been disconnected from the internet, without an ephemeris or simply new to astrology one of the big events of this present time is the Uranus retrograde in Pisces beginning July 1st and lasting 'till Dec 1st. As a Piscean I have been enjoying the Uranian tomfoolery for some years and must admit that these have been some of the best, most unsettling, disturbing and transformative years of my life with Uranus conjuncting my natal Sun on and off, and this is set to happen one last time before Uranus moves on to occupy the sign of Aries.

Although I have read that Uranus is even more unpredictable, explosive and upsetting during a retrograde, I personally have not noticed this. Maybe it is due to having a retrograde natal Uranus (sounds quite unappealing doesn't it), I feel that the retrograde is less of a shock, as Uranus operates this way for me pretty much all the time (actually I love it). Being in my natal fourth house, it is no surprise that I have just moved house for the 8th time in 10 years and I am already thinking about the kind of place where I would like to live next, no matter how hard I try to stop myself!

If Uranus upsets things and stirs things up, during a retrograde I always look forward to this, and look on it as a chance to spice things up and see what long awaited changes are being foisted upon me this time round. Last year during the retrograde period I started to visualise a move to a rural area and change of location and this year I have other plans. I can't wait for Uranus to conjunct my natal Sun. Actually my son is an Aquarius who has Uranus conjunct his Sun and Mercury in Aquarius in his natal chart, so I have a full appreciation of just how much Uranus encourages us to go our own way, be true to ourselves and do things a little differently. I have certainly identified with the Uranian energy since the planet has been in Pisces. I have actually learned to become much more self centred which is great for me!

If Uranus was a person he would be the really cool mate who appears suddenly to stay for a while, inspiring you with tales and photographs of far off lands, his cool friends and new things to do that you have never heard of before. By the time he leaves you have decided that it's time for a change, you are going to save up for that 3 month ticket to Vietnam, dump your boyfriend, start your own business as a dominatrix when you get back because life’s too short to carry on marching to the beat of someone else’s drum and it's time for you to go your own way and that actually, you don't care what anyone thinks about the new liberated you! But don’t just take my word for it – what does Uranus mean to you?

When the big guy (Uranus) finally moves in to Aries I wonder what kind of shake up the rams will be experiencing. The Uranian archetype stands for brotherhood and also social conscience (among many things) so perhaps certain less evolved Aries folks may get a rude awakening and realise the world doesn't actually revolve around them after all. Not that I have anything against the Ram, however, but we can hope.


  1. Ooh, aah a peek of what's to come when Uranus conjoins my Aries Sun, though that will be a few years from now so thanks a bunch!

    Uranus rx conjunct Pluto rx in the 1st house of Virgo opposite a Saturn/Mercury rx/Chiron conjunction, so you know I'm reading all the Uranus labeled posts first since I'm just discovering your blog. Yeah, it's been a wild ride these past 7 years and from the looks of it, it aint over yet! Oh and by the way, I got the rude awakening decades ago that the world does not revolve this Ram. lol

    I am lovin' your blog!

  2. Thanks, and I don't think that all Aries folk are self involved at all; I have had a couple of relationships with Aries men and my comment was a thinly veiled snipe at them - not that they would be reading my blog!

    I am on a bit of a "Uranus tip" at the moment, so I'm sure there will be more. When you have transiting Uranus conjuncting your natal Sun you're going to love it!